Bollywood Sequels In 2017: 8 Most Awaited Bollywood Sequels In 2017
Bollywood Sequels In 2017: 8 Most Awaited Bollywood Sequels In 2017

Bollywood Sequels In 2017: From Robot 2 to Bahubali 2, let’s have a look at the most awaited Bollywood sequels to be released in 2017.

Some of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters are in the process of getting a sequel. Hit connection with the audience, popular star cast and awesome songs inspires a sequel. Many of the movies have left us wondering how exactly would the movie move forward if there was a sequel. Well, fret not, because looks like our questions are getting answered soon. From Robot 2.0 to Golmaal Again, let’s have a look at Bollywood sequels in 2017. (Read: Most Awaited Bollywood Movies Of 2017)

Baahubali 2 first look
Baahubali 2 first look

6Baahubali – The Conclusion

Probably the most awaited sequel, this one’s gonna answer most of your doubts from the prequel like why Kattappa killed Baahubali. This movie is expected to prove as an opening day bumper and also one of the highest grosser of the year. It’s slated to release on 28th April 2017.

Official: Robot 2.0 Is A 400 Crores Film Now, Budget Increased By 50 Crores
2.0 first look – Akshay Vs Rajinikanth

52.0 (Robot 2)

The sequel to 2010 blockbuster ‘Robot’ starring Rajnikanth, the sequel will feature Amy Jackson as Rajini’s love lead and Akshay Kumar as the villain. Robot 2 will be a Diwali release on 19th October 2017. We are so looking forward to this!

Rohit Shetty celebrates his birthday by releasing first pics of Golmaal Again Star Cast- Golmaal Again Pic 1
The team of Golmaal Again

3Golmaal Again

The fourth part of the ‘Golmaal’ franchise and the 9th collaboRation of the super-hit duo Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn, ‘Golmaal Again’ will release somewhere in the end of 2017.