Prep Away

Boosting your IT career is quite challenging. You can’t do it simply by studying or attending training courses. You need some kind of validation that will guarantee your proficiency in the ever-changing IT industry.

For network professionals who want to improve their skills in routing and switching and in network design, completing a Cisco certification exam is a great start. That exam is no other than 300-101, which is one of the three pre-requisite tests of both CCNP R&S (Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching) and Prepaway CCDP (Cisco Certified Design Professional).

The first question is how to pass the Cisco 300-101 ROUTE?

Let’s first have a comprehensive run-through of what this exam is all about.

300-101 ROUTE is the test you need to complete to fully validate your mastery in advanced IT addressing and routing. Through this exam, you demonstrate your profound grasp about Cisco routers and routing solutions. However, this 120-minute test isn’t something you can pass quickly. The painstaking process of exam preparation is needed to answer all the required questions in a limited time. However, no need to fret because you can still prepare successfully with the aid of some efficient and effective tips.

1. Create a strategic study plan

Win a battle with your proper preparation. By creating a strategic plan, you will have a higher chance of passing this Cisco exam. When you create one, you need to consider a lot of things, such as finances, time, and resources. You can’t just take the exam because you like it. The test has certain prerequisites, which include a background in network fundamentals, network device security, device configurations, etc. You can gain an in-depth understanding of the subject matter by first completing your CCNA Routing and Switching and the CCDA certifications.

2. Understand all the exam topics

If you have completed the prerequisite certification/s, then you can now assess your readiness to pursue with the exam prep journey. If you believe you’re ready, the best way to start is by familiarizing and fully understanding the exam topics. You should also take into account that Layer 3 technologies, which confer about IPv4 addressing and subnetting, static and default routing, and protocol types are the main areas of the exam. This means you need to give extra time here not forgetting other subjects, such as Layer 2 technologies, VPN technologies, infrastructure security and services, and of course, network principles.

3. Take classroom training

Reading physical materials may not be enough to foster complete command of all topics. If you attend classroom training from Cisco’s authorized partners, then you have a greater opportunity of passing the test. For Cisco 300-101, the recommended instructor-led class is the one and only “Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) v2.0”. This 5-day (classroom or virtual classroom) training follows the updated and major study guide of the exam. Hence, you are guaranteed of relevant and the latest learning, which include IOS software and Cisco routing and switches. More than that, this classroom-based course comes with an interactive lab or also called as Discovery Labs. These instructor-led labs allow students to understand new topics in a more interesting manner.

4. Continue with E-leaning

If you think you aren’t 100% ready to take the exam, there are heaps of online training courses. Of course, you should choose wisely. For highly recommended self-paced courses, simply check out Cisco Learning Network Store and you’ll find plenty of online resources you can study anytime and anywhere. Two of the most in-demand are Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) v2.0 and Cisco Learning Labs for CCNP ROUTE v2.0, which is180-day Labs. Both advanced courses are meant to equip you with vital routing concepts, as well as reinforce your comprehension of various routing configuration for IPv4 and IPv6 and routing domain via EIGRP, OSPF, PBR, and etc. These two are definitely as effective as classroom training.

5. Incorporate various practice tests into your routine

For a full-package preparation, you need to answer as many practice tests as you can. These will help you prepare confidently for the SWITCH exam. If you’ve completed the recommended Cisco practice tests, a popular and reliable website can offer you another set of competent and updated files. Visit and you’ll discover an extensive range of questions and answers for the ROUTE exam. Surprisingly, this online reference is not just all about practice tests. They also have an impressive display of training courses and study guides you can maximize before taking the real exam.

6. Harness your technical proficiency

If you want a more practical and interactive kind of learning, there are Cisco-endorsed lab environments you can choose from. They have two options on offer: Cisco Modelling Labs and Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab. These two hands-on simulation environments give you a glimpse of how the real world works.


So, what’s next when you pass Cisco 300-101? Well, you need to polish your skills further and eventually pass the two remaining exams, which are 300-115 SWITCH and 300-135 TSHOOT for the CCNP Routing and Switching certification. If you decide to pursue CCDP, then 300-115 SWITCH and 300-320 ARCH are waiting for you. Even if you’ll have to encounter a rather long exam journey, getting to your destination will soon be very fulfilling. Make your move now because these Cisco exams are already scheduled for retirement by February 23, 2020.