Pelli Gola Seasons will make your weekend
Pelli Gola

The world revolves around the stories of lovers uniting in the most bizarre ways. The theme is something that is pretty common but each story has its own gleam – new characters and therefore, a new form. Love is said to be blind and two people often have to find their way through a tangle of mess. But when marriage comes into the scene, things start to get serious. The socially accepted norm is one that speaks of responsibility and is an eye-opener. The Telugu romantic web series Pelli Gola shows a very comical incident of the marriage of two young lovers – Varun and Jagadamba.

Indians are surrounded by customs and traditions and some very strict regulations about marriage ceremonies. While most youngsters want an opportunity to find a partner and woo them, arranged marriages take a different route. Here, parents take it upon them to find a suitable partner. A lot of Indian youngsters go by their parents’ choices if they haven’t opted out through love marriages. But then there are those like Jaggu and Varun, who have something totally different planned out. Pelli Gola is about those who love to wreck their own wedding. Watch Pelli Gola to enjoy a spicy and lovely romantic story from the creators.

Pelli Gola tells a story directly from the Telugu backgrounds

Season 1 of Pelli Gola shows the country background of an endearing Telugu family. The story shows how two people turn their hateful boundaries into a lovely relationship despite the circumstances. Varshini Sounderajan and Abhijeet Duddala keep the viewers interested with their charms and amazing portrayal of the characters. The show has been running for quite some time and there have been sequels to the original first series. You can watch Pelli Gola 2 and Pelli Gola 3 with subtitles in VIU. You would love all the action going on in this romantic web series online.

Pelli Gola 2 brought even more fun for the viewers

Season 2 of this one of the most famous Telugu shows online becomes more interesting as we get a sneak peek into the early married life of the couple and the drama that surrounds it. Varun and Jagadamba are living in Hyderabad and having small scuffles between them. However, at the same time, they have a mission to save Balaraju’s wedding. The small quarrels increase to an extent where the couple decided to get a divorce. However, they soon become busy with saving the marriage of Balaraju with Manasa. The excitement reaches its peak when Manasa’s lover kidnaps Jagadamba.

Pelli Gola 3 is packed with a lot more fun

Pelli Gola 3 comes with a lot more excitement than ever before. This web series is all about love and the excitement surrounding marriage. Life can become pretty boring after marriage when couples are burdened with the job of parenting and do not get the chance of messing up. This web series shows how life can be fun about the simplest things. Life can pose serious challenges and it is up to you to make these some amazing incidents to tell stories about. Watch Pelli Gola season 3 and enjoy the fun-filled activities that befall Varun and Jagadamba and their experience with marriages.

Pelli Gola 3 tells the story of yet another marriage where the lead couple got a chance to meddle with. With their expertise, they have become quite adept with handling situations, be it their own marriage or that of others. In this series, Ramesh and Mahesh want to get their children married but they get themselves entangled with the complexities of life. The interesting Telugu village life also makes the series much more interesting for the local viewers who can place themselves in the scenario. Watch Pelli Gola season 3 online to make your weekends very much enjoyable.

If you want to add some spice to your life, you can try out this fascinating Telugu online web series. Get entertained about the drama that befalls Varun and Jagadamba and their fate with marriages. The web series gets more and more exciting with each episode and you won’t be able to turn your attention away. Get the most of Viu with Pelli Gola.