Sunny Deol's sons Karan and Rajveer to make Debut Soon
Sunny Deol with his son Karan

Hunk Sunny Deol is currently working on ‘Ghayal 2‘. However, reports are out that he is helping his sons Karan and Rajveer to launch in Bollywood soon.

Karan says, “Now I’m seriously working on my acting career. I’ve started rigorous workouts. I’m working really hard because I have to compete with my father who has been so good in that department. I have to give dad takkar… Dad says there will be a lot of expectations from me. Obviously, there is tremendous pressure on me essentially because of the lineage I come from. All this while I have been readying myself and now I feel the time is right.”

Karan also says that he loves to play football and that his grandfather, Dharmendra has inspired him to write poetry. “But I don’t write in Urdu like him, I pen my thoughts in English and Hindi.”

Karan will start shooting around mid 2015, while his younger brother Rajveer, is currently studying in London. He too palns to start his film career as soon as his studies are over.

We would love to see the Deol Youngsters onscreen! What’s your take readers?