Three Khans of Bollywood to come together for Arpita's wedding
Three Khans of Bollywood to come together for Arpita's wedding

Salman Khan’s beloved little sister Arpita Khan is getting married today and reportedly, this grand affair will see the Three Khans of Bollywood – Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh come together under one roof. While Aamir shares good friendship with both SRK and Salman, Salman and SRK recently pacthed up at Salman’s Galaxy Apartments. Mind you, this was not just for camera. The Khans genuinely patched up and were so moved into tears, they couldn’t stop hugging each other.

Says a source, “This was not just a camera-created camaraderie, like what had happened at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftaar party. This was a real patch up, and this time Shah Rukh and Salman have decided to let bygones be bygones. The reconciliation is for real this time.”

The Mega Khans were so happy at their reunion that they danced together on Arpita’s request. Source confirms, “Yes, sadly no one clicked the happiest most magical moment on Sunday evening when Salman and Shah Rukh threw aside all their mutual hostilities and broke into a dance at Arpita’s request.”

SRK and Salman reunites at Arpita's Mehndi caremony
SRK and Salman reunites at Arpita’s Mehndi caremony

SRK and Salman also kept calling Aamir and even Face-timed him. The trio had a long chat and were very happy. A journo confirms on Twitter:

Also, SRK and Aamir are already in Hyderabad to attend Arpita’s Wedding at the royal Taj Falakanuma Palace. Also present at the wedding will be Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif, Nagarjuna, John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan etc.

Seems like the Khan war is over! Time for fans to reunite too!