Salman Khan tops the list of advance tax payment, followed by Akshay & Hrithik

Once again, Salman Khan has become the Sultan of Bollywood by topping the list of advance tax payment among all Bollywood stars.

Salman Khan has topped the list of advance tax payment with a total tax payment of Rs. 44.5 crores for the financial year of 2016-17. This shows a growth of 39 per cent when compared to his last year’s tax payment of Rs. 32.2 crores.

Salman is closely followed by Akshay Kumar, with a total tax payment of Rs. 29.5 crores and then Hrithik Roshan, with a total of Rs. 29.5 crores. The most surprising name on the list is that of comedian Kapil Sharma, who made a total payment of Rs. 23.9 Crore with a huge growth of 206% in comparison to his last year’s payment.

Karan Johar is the only director and filmmaker who has made it into the list with an amount of Rs. 11.7 crore while the actresses in the list are Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Here is the complete list of advance tax payment-

NameAdvance TaxGrowth (G)/ Downfall (D)
Salman Khan44.5 Crore39% G
Akshay Kumar29.5 CroreD
Hrithik Roshan25.5 Crore74% G
Kapil Sharma23.9 Crore206% G
Ranbir Kapoor16.5 Crore27% D
Aamir Khan14.8 Crore54% G
Karan Johar11.7 Crore473% G
Deepika Padukone10.25 Crore13% G
Alia Bhatt4.33 Crore46% G
Kareena Kapoor Khan3.9 Crore44% D

What are your reactions to this list of tax-payers?

In case you are wondering where are Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, let us inform you that their advance tax details were not made public due to their alleged involvement in Panama papers leak case. The investigation is still going on.