Ranveer Singh makes appalling revelations about casting couch!
Ranveer Singh recalls the unfortunate incident

During a recent interview, Ranveer Singh made some very shocking revelations about how casting couch still exist in Bollywood!

In fact, Ranveer Singh himself has faced the issue himself way back when he was new in B-Town. In a candid interview with NDTV, Ranveer revealed the details of the appalling incident. He recalled how he once met with ‘a really sleazy gentleman in Andheri,’ who called him over to his house. Ranveer further added that he had made a very impressive portfolio, but the guy didn’t even look at it and kept it on the side. Instead, he told Ranveer that he would have to be smart and sexy and to take and touch.

Ranveer was in a total state of shock at hearing this and what was even more bewildering was that the person had the guts to negotiate with him. By negotiations, Ranveer means the gentleman’s efforts to try and cajole him into submission. The person even asked him if he could only touch it and later if he could only see it. The most befuddling thing is that the person was heartbroken when Ranveer left as if he has just been rejected by a lover! 

Ranveer Singh summed it up by concluding that the casting couch indeed exists and that it is a very real thing as he has experienced it first hand. 

What a shame he and God knows how many others have to go through with this!

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