Randeep Hooda asks journalist to 'Shut Up' during Sarbjit Premiere!
Randeep Hooda asks journalist to 'Shut Up' during Sarbjit Premiere!

During Sarbjit Premiere, lead hero Randeep Hooda lost his calm when asked a certain question.

Sarbjit Premiere was full of smiles as both the director and the actors were addressing the media happily. Randeep Hooda was also happily answering all the questions directed at him but things went downhill when a certain journalist asked a certain question to him.

Randeep was asked a question about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan overshadowing him in the movie or vice-versa and this caught him off-guard. Initially, Randeep tried to ignored the question but when the journo kept prodded him for an answer, the actor unabashedly told the journalist to “Shut up.”

The journalist in question was quite offended by Randeep’s remark, told the actor that the question was not out-of-context and it was unbecoming on his part to say, ‘Shut up’. Randeep responded by saying, “I ignored your question and if you keep asking me the same question what am I going to do?” When the journo pointed out that he could have chosen to say ‘No comments’ if he wasn’t comfortable answering the question, a not-so-happy Randeep tried to reinstate the situation by blowing an air-kiss, saying, “No comments bro. Is that better?”

Who would have thought this question would make the ever-so-cool Randeep Hooda loose his calm!

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