Jackpot Poster
Jackpot Poster

Jackpot is an upcoming movie which is more in buzz for Sunny Leone than anything else. I got a chance to listen to the entire music album recently. Bundled with 10 tracks, Jackpot’s musical album becomes indeed very long and dull as it has nothing special to offer.

We definitely have a good track – ‘Kabhi jo badal Barse’, but just a single track would not cover up for others. Moreover, it has been served four times out of which two could have been done away with.

Track Wise Review

Let’s see individually how each track came out to be in Jackpot music review.

  • Kabhi jo badal barse is the first track in the album: As already mention this would happen four times during the entire journey of Jackpot’s music album. Out of which we have an original track, a female version and two remix.
    The original track is sung by Arijit Singh, and music by Sharib-Toshi. It can be categorized as tranced Romantic/Soul rhythm track. The song starts on nature’s ambiance and hits with Arijit’s beautiful voice. Lyrics are wonderfully created by Turaz and Azeem Shirazi. Arijit is growing better everyday. This would definitely go on my repeat playlist.
  • Kabhi jo badal barse Maxi Remixed Version: This turns out fine. You can find this club soul mixed version of track playing in a bookstore or similar places.
  • Kabhi jo badal barse Rishi’s Remixed Version: A strong headed fast paced upbeat remixed version of original track makes it perfect for disc plays.
  • Kabhi jo badal barse Female Version: If Arijit Singh’s voice makes track addictive Sunidhi Chauhan makes sure your heart will find solace in the track. Beautifully sung and supported through music by Sharib-Toshi. Though the song appears four times, you will love all the versions.
  • Full Jhol is an upbeat bollywood song sung by Mika Singh. It is a fine track to hear and nice enough to be repeated. The lyrics are weak, thus the musician and singer couldn’t had done anything better in supporting it.
  • Bol Bugger Bol is just ignorable. Weak lyrics with average music makes Remo Fernandes’ composition a disappointment to listen.
  • Jackpot Jeetna is not what you would like to hear. Sunidhi Chauhan has done her job well but yet this song is completely passable.
  • Jackpot – theme song is an instrumental track with no unique music to sooth our ears. Filled with mix of various instruments, it becomes quite long for an instrumental track. If you want to listen to some good instrumental try some famous instrumentals and you will know when it is an instrumental and when it turns out to be more of a noise. Making this a skippable.
  • Eggjactly – Javed Jaffrey is always a delight and narrative/rap track eggjactly is at least an average track. You won’t be impressed by this track if you are a die-hard rap music fan though.
  • Now you see, Now you don’t has good music and arrangements but appears hollow due to empty lyrics. I would have preferred the song if it had been in hindi 🙂

Soundtrack details

Track No.TitleRatingSingerMusicLyricsTrack Length
1Kabhi Jo Baadal BarseArijit SinghSharib-ToshiTuraz,Azeem Shirazi04:14
2Full JholMika Singh, Akasa SinghMika SinghRaj Hans03:21
3Bol Bugger BolRemo FernandesRemo FernandesAbhijeet Deshpande, Remo Fernandes
4Jackpot JeetnaSunidhi ChauhanSridevi Keshavan, Janaka AtugodaKaizad Gustad, Sridevi Keshavan04:05
5Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (Remix)Arjit Singh feat Rishi RichSharib-ToshiTuraz,Azeem Shirazi04:12
6JackpotHamsika IyerJuno ReactorKaizad Gustad06:12
7EggjactlyJaaved JaaferiRahul BhattTuraz, Azeem Shirazi, Raj Hans & Abhijeet Deshpande04:45
8Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (Female)Shreya GhosalSharib-ToshiTuraz,Azeem Shirazi04:08
9Now You See, Now You Don'tRamya IyerItek BhutaniKaizad Gustad, Ramya Iyer02:23
10Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (Remix)Arijit SinghSharib-ToshiTuraz,Azeem Shirazi04:08


Jackpot is really a lengthy album, Kabhi jo badal barse is a delight, be it Arijit Singh’s Version or Shreya Ghosal’s. Rest of the album is complete passable.