Satya 2 Movie Poster
Satya 2 Movie Poster

Satya 2 is an unfinished dish served in front of the audience, and mind it, this audience is a fan of the preceding movie Satya (released in 1998). This is what makes Satya 2 seems bad as we can not control our urge to compare it with Satya.

I’ll begin with some positive things about the movie. Satya 2 has a nice storyline but a poor script which could had been executed in a much better way than RGV did. You need to put in better actors to enact on a difficult script.

Plot & Storyline

Satya (Puneet Singh Ratn) is a new don, although he is not the one whom you would expect to be bhai-types right from the moment he enters. On the contrary, he is more of a corporate guy with brains, who tries to establish himself as a new don in the city. He has a plan, a different approach towards how to form a company and the “market darr” in a corporate fashion. During the journey he marries his lady-love Chitra (Anaika Soti).


Puneet Singh Ratn has to learn a lot and putting him in Satya’s Shoes is definitely not a win-win formula. There are certain scenes where he gives good shots but overall his performance is weakest because he is expected to be always in a tight belted character. Was he made to voice like bla bla ….. bla bla!! You will certainly miss some of his words.
Anaika Soti also disappoints with a poor show of performance.

“What RGV did to Sholey by making Aag, is done again, but this time to Satya”. Satya was a path-breaker but Satya 2 is a mood-breaker.


The story sounds interesting but the screenplay would disappoint you because we see a naive Satya supported by the other naive actors and the manner in which RGV implements it. Adding to the fuss is the background music which did not appear that bad in the music album as it is in the movie.

Giving the same story-line to Anurag Kashyap will make a masterpiece out of this.


Why should you watch this? Just b’coz Krrish 3 is the only option left in line.
Why Not? Well, b’coz you have a life and will be at peace saving two hours and few bucks.

Blog to Bollywood rates Satya 2 as 2 on a scale of 5 star.

So do you agree with our Satya 2 Movie Review ?


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