Modern Love Season 2: Plot, Cast, Release Date & Everything We Know
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Modern Love Season 2: Here’s everything you need to know about the second season of romantic comedy anthology Modern Love.

There have been films and TV shows based on people, books, cartoon/comic-book characters, and even board games. But Modern Love managed to make a surprisingly warm and emotional adaptation of the famous New York Times column of the same name. According to its creator, James Carney, Modern Love explores “love in its multitude of forms – including sexual, romantic, familial, platonic, and self-love,” by adapting different love stories taking place in New York City.

The first season premiered in October 2019 received a positive response. It was praised for its realistic yet subtle storytelling and stellar performances. In November, seeing the overwhelming response, Amazon renewed it for a second season. Since then, the viewers are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the next season. Here we are with all details related to Modern Love Season 2.

Season 2 will feature more love stories 

Modern Love is a romantic anthology series. Hence, we can say that the makers will not be picking up any storylines from season one – but we can expect similar tales of love, loss and heartbreak. No storylines for Modern Love season 2 are known yet, but they will, of course, be based on articles in the popular New York Times column and there is certainly no lack of choice there.

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A statement from John Carney, creator of the show suggests that the show will feature New York to feature different cities and potentially even different countries in the forthcoming season.

In an interview, Carney said “Being given a green light to proceed with Modern Love is a great opportunity for us to continue to tell stories of love while opening up the series into new cities and worlds. The possibilities are truly endless. Subsequent seasons can really branch out and dig deep into what it means to love in this complicated world. It’s incredible news for everyone involved in the series, and we are dizzy with possibilities moving forward.”

Who is in the cast for Modern Love season 2?

The casting of the show is yet to revealed. But, we can expect to see a lot of new faces in the following season. We did grow fond of some actors and characters from Season 1 and sincerely hope to see them in the next season assuming other roles. It is highly anticipated that A-List stars like Dev Patel, Anne Hathaway and Andrew Scott will continue to star in the show.

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Production Updates

James Carney, apart from writing and directing the show, will join Todd Hoffman, Trish Hofmann, and Anthony Bregman as an executive producer on Season 2. Sam Dolnick and Choire Sicha of The New York Times will also serve as executive producers.

Daniel Jones, editor of the “Modern Love” column, on which the entire show is based on, will continue to serve as a consulting producer. Filming for the series was placed on hold indefinitely in mid-March 2020 due to the current pandemic with the cast and crew members told to stay home. If the industry grapevine is to believed, the shooting has been nearly completed with only a few combination scenes remaining.

Do we have a trailer for Modern Love season two?

Not yet – meanwhile you can watch the trailer for season one.

Modern Love Season 2 Release Date

Amazon has confirmed that the show will be back for another season of love, laughs and heartfelt moments. The first season premiered in October 2019. A second season should arrive in by late 2020 or in the first quarter of 2021. 


Where to stream Modern Love?

Season two of Modern Love will stream worldwide exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Modern Love is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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