Mardaani Movie Review : Shivani Shivaji Roy is a Mardaani
Mardaani Movie Review : Shivani Shivaji Roy is a Mardaani

Mardaani Movie Review : Good, crisp cinema in town

Mardaani is Rani Mukherji’s first movie after marriage and she is all set to steal the show clad as Shivani Shivaji Roy, an honest, no-nonsense, serious senior inspector of Mumbai Crime Branch. Such is her aura, that you fail to miss the lack of songs or ‘masala’ bollywood fight sequences. Yes! There are no cars flying and no supercop lady “dabangg” imaginative sequences and Pradeep Sarkar ensures that you do experience a cinema that is entirely realistic.

So, are there really lose ends to ‘such type’ of cinema? Yes there are but are present not to bother you.

Mardaani Movie Review : StoryLine and Background

Mardaani weaves a tail around a simple kidnapping which reveals out the nexus of Human rather Child Trafficking. Gopi Puthran, the storyteller places his protagonist, Shivani Shivaji roy( Rani Mukherji) as a simple, serious and honest lady cop, who has no alternate interest in life apart from ‘Vardi ka Dharm’. Though, Jisshu Sengupta (husband) and her little niece are her soft corner.

Gopi Puthran has placed a simple and predictable story with no element of surprise, this been said, do not take it mistaken for a weak storyline. Tahir Bhasin as Walt, the Villain has enough jaws to tame our protagonist and you will be able to experience an interesting “Cat-Mouse” chase in the second half which defeats the purpose of the movie a bit.

Mardaani Movie Review : Character Performances

It is really commendable that Tahir Bhasin, a one movie old actor is able to match with Rani Mukherji’s pro skills. This is what makes the movie a good speculation on-screen. All characters were good and made an impact with their roles. Rani was raw, and looked more realistic than i imagined her to be. This at times made me forget that she is an actor for I thought Shivani Shivaji Roy is really doing her job.

Mardaani Movie Review : Screenplay and direction

You are watching a Pradeep Sarkar flick, ironically he has this very talent to not leave a taste which helps in relating to him by his movies. Be it ‘Lafange Parindey’, ‘Laaga Chunari Mein Daag’, ‘Parineeta’ or now ‘Mardaani’, he has given a genre specific treatment to each of his creations.

Mardaani keeps you engrossed even after you know what is going to happen, even villain’s attacking hero’s weak point is a cheap trick still it doesn’t feel out-of-place and just seems realistic enough.

Simplicity and Seriousness are the thrills which keeps the movie going. Overall, Sanjib Datta has also assisted well and it brings a satisfactory screenplay on-board.

Mardaani Movie Review : Overall Verdict

A monologue filled with good acting and to the point cinema is what defines ‘Mardaani’. Yes, singleton behaviour might concern you but you’ve watched ‘Kahaani’ and liked it. Mardaani is a different Kahaani and gives a good cinema experience.

Watch for

Rani and her progress. Also for a better cinema.

Avoid for

If you really feel Bollywood can not make a flick without songs.

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Mardaani Movie Review


  1. i personally love the is a movie of every indian women.It shows the power of women.Rani truely rules the movie and i wish that creates a huge collection in box office.Must watched movie

  2. I think the Movie is good Enough. Rani truly rules the movie.The movie shows women power We should go and watch the movie.It is a Movie of every indian women.


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