Manifest Season 4 To Resume Filming in January 2022
Manifest Season 4

Manifest Season 4: NBC has canceled the supernatural drama series Manifest after its third season. All eyes on Netflix to save the show.

NBC’s supernatural drama series Manifest has been in the headlines a lot over the past few days. The season 3 finale aired on NBC on Jun 10, 2021, and since then there have been a lot of speculations about the series future on NBC. The fans were expecting the series to return with a fourth season on NBC as season three ended with mysteries. However, it seems that they won’t be solved, at least on NBC. NBC has canceled the mystery series so, there won’t be a fourth season.

Manifest creator Jeff Rake seems devastated as he broke the news of the cancellation via Twitter.

Jeff Rake was optimistic about the series’ future on NBC. Previously, he has said he has a six-season plan for the show.

During a 2020 Television Critics Association panel, he said: “I pitched it, as someone who didn’t have a previous serialized show before, with a roadmap and clear chapters along the way.

“We don’t always know the number of episodes we get per season, so we roll with the punches. But the show wants to be six seasons.”

The probable reason for cancelation

One of the prime reasons for the cancelation of the series on NBC is its dipping ratings. Across Season 3, Manifest lost around 20% of its overall audience, and 29% of its audience among the 18-to-49 age group. Compared to season two, the show witnessed a 21% dip in viewership.

Warner Bros. TV to look for a new home

The first two seasons of Manifest landed on Netflix on Jun 10, 2021. Since the arrival of both seasons on Netflix CA and Netflix US, it’s in the top 10 list. This is definitely a good sign for the show’s future. The show was licensed to Netflix to give it a massive new audience. If accepted by worldwide fans, Manifest stands a good chance of renewal.

However, the chances of renewal still seem slim despite continuous efforts to shop the show. It’s should be noted that Netflix isn’t generous when it comes to reviving shows from other networks. The streamer hasn’t revived a show from another network since 2018 despite plenty of fan campaigns.

Where to stream Manifest?

Manifest Season 3 is streaming now on Hulu and Peacock. The first two seasons are also available on Netflix. You can also catch all three seasons on NBC’s official website.

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