Manifest Season 3 Episode 12, 13 (Finale): Release Date, Spoilers and More
Manifest Season 3 Episode 12, 13 on NBC

Manifest Season 3 Episode 12 and Episode 13: The third season of the supernatural drama series ‘Manifest’ is coming to an end with a two-hour finale.

The third season of the supernatural drama series ‘Manifest‘ has shaped well with twists and turns throughout. Now the show is heading for a season three finale and the fans are super excited to know what lies ahead. On coming Thursday, June 10, 2021, you’re going to see not only Manifest season 3 episode 12, but also episode 13. It’s will be a two-hour finale for the current season. Here’s everything we know:

What to Expect in Manifest Season 3 Episodes 12 and 13?

Manifest Season 3 finale is split into two parts, Episodes 12 and 13. Both episodes will be aired in one go. The episodes are titled Mayday Part 1 and  Mayday Part 2.

In Mayday Part 1, the Stone siblings will reunite with Olive but the reunion is quickly cut off as Cal runs away. Michaela will struggle to help the passengers avoid a deadly threat. Her relationship with Jared clots due to trust issues.

In Mayday Part 2, Saanvi and Ben lead a perilous mission to save the people they love, They will face a huge challenge from Eureka and all other natural forces. Michaela will be receiving the most ominous calling to date. She along with Zeke ace to stop a passenger before his actions turn deadly. Jared and Vance pair up to save a loved one, but their lives might turn upside down.

How many episodes are there in Manifest season 3?

Like the last season, the third season of Manifest also has 13 episodes. Episodes 12 and 13 will land on NBC on Jun 10, 2021. These two episodes serve as a finale of the current season.

Where to Watch Manifest Season 3 Episode 12 and 13 Online?

Manifest Season 3 is exclusive to NBC in the US, and new episodes air every Thursday night at 8/7c. If you want to watch Manifest season 3 episode 12, 13 you can tune in to NBC at the time it premieres. However, your TV needs to be backed up by a cable connection. You can also watch the episode on NBC’s official website or the NBC app shortly after it premieres on the network.

Hulu subscribers can include the NBC pack to their subscription and watch Manifest and other NBC shows on the app. Other cable-free options include streaming it live on DirecTVFubo TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. You can also rent or purchase the episodes on-demand on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Apple TV.

Has NBC renewed ‘Manifest’ for Season 4?

The show hasn’t been renewed for the next season yet. We were hoping that the discussions between NBC and Warner Bros. TV would lead to something, but, that just hasn’t happened. We are quite hopeful for renewal as Manifest has a big fan base.