Katrina Hinted That Ranbir Cheated On Her
Katrina Hinted That Ranbir Cheated On Her

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have never come public about their relationship, both on their live-in relationship or their breakup. But the media is smart enough to find out everything. It’s a known fact that Katrina and Ranbir have gone their separate ways and recently, Ranbir moving out of the house Katrina and he use to live in, into his bachelor pad only confirmed the news.

However, we are very much sure now the breakup happened because Ranbir cheated on Katrina. How we know this? Recently, Ranbir appeared on Koffee with Karan along with Ranveer Singh and he said that he never checked his girlfriend’s phone but his phone was checked many times. Then Katrina and Anushka came on the chat show and dropped a very clear hint that Ranbir cheated on her.

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During a fun Q and A segment, Karan Johar asked Katina Kaif what she dislikes the most to which she replied with a smirk that she doesn’t like dishonest people and hate being lied to. Now was Katrina Kaif really hinting towards Ranbir Kapoor saying that Ranbir lied to him a lot? (Read: Ranbir and Katrina avoid each other)

During another fun segment, Kaif and Anushka Sharma had to kiss Arjun Kapoor’s cheeks if they agree with the statements said by Karan Johar. Karan goes on to ask Katrina if she had been ever cheated on in a romantic relationship ever? And before a little initial hesitation, Katrina leant to the side and kissed Arjun’s cheeks.

Seems like the couple have broken up for good.


  1. This one suits for salman not for ranbir. stop blaming my Ranbir … he’s not this kind of guy as Kat portrayed…. Ranbir did lots of efforts for Kat .. we all know that… BT Kat is the kind of girl who always find out something wrong in ranbir .
    So Kat is wrong if she thought that ranbir is a bad guy … she should be a nice hearted girl be4 blamed some 1


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