Kangana Ranaut to play an 85 year old lady?

According to recent reports, Kangana Ranaut has been approached by director Shekhar Kapur for a really interesting role!

Shekhar Kapur‘s next project requires Kangana Ranaut to play the role of an 85-year-old lady! That’s right. Kangana confirmed the news in a recent statement given to Indian Express. She said, “Shekhar has approached me to play an 85-year old. it is a very challenging project. We are still in talks. It is a very challenging role.”

When asked if this project was named Paani, another ambitious project of Shekhar Kapur, she replied, “No it is not Paani. It’s a different project.”

Well, there have been no confirmations yet, but this one is definitely going to be quite interesting!