Kangana Ranaut Sends Legal Notice to PR Firm for Spreading Fake Stories
Kangana Ranaut

With the grooving title don’t you feel that though the monsoon is about to touch the earth greeneries soon and indeed we are on the verge to feel relax from hot summer but if we talk about Bollywood then, it seems like the Bollywood stars and celebs are on the verge to lash out the hatred from inside their hearts. Initially, it was our Salman Khan who created a silence on twitter and guess who’s the second one? She’s none other than Kangana Ranaut who’s on the track to exploit everything with her hatred. Check what’s her Legal Notice explores..

As per the source the notice states “The representatives of your company out of bitterness then malafidely, mischievously and intentionally started spreading various false and absolutely misleading stories against my client to the media therein trying to cause serious damages to my client’s name, image and reputation.” Isn’t really strange and shocking, but on the other hand after reading the stated notice anyone can easily feel the fire of anger.