Salman Khan Lashed Out On Tweeter As Bhad mein gaya no 1,2,3
Salman Khan

If you haven’t seen your favorite Bollywood celeb in anger or hatred, if you haven’t felt the fire of anger from the Bollywood’s dashing star, yes as the title depicts we are talking about ‘Salman Khan’. I guess you might have hardly seen him exploring all of his hatred in front of anybody but not on the fans isn’t? So, guys and gals it’s time to learn a lesson from our beloved ‘Sallu Bhai’ and especially the fans who used to tweet like shit on twitter, have a glance on the hatred right below here..

Isn’t really strange and shocking? Of course it is. However, if you might have gone through the tweet constantly for a while then, he has explored his love of friendship between the king khan of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan and for the perfectionist Aamir Khan. What else? Do you think his hatred was just limited to a single tweet? Of course, not guys, feel the fire of true anger right here.

With this, what do we conclude then? Being a follower, we should not post any such nonsense and rubbish stuff not only for the celebs but also for anyone in social media platforms.

Have come here so v can grow together b happy n if me n my colleges r creating a darrar between fans then it’s not wort it.


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