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Kaali Season 2

Kaali Season 2: The trailer of the second season of Pauli Dam starrer Kaali is out now. Check Kaali Season 2 trailer, plot, release date.

The official trailer for the second season of ‘Kaali’ released on Youtube on 7 May 2020. The action-thriller web series features Bengali actress Paoli Dam in the leading role of a mother to a crippled son. The gripping story has a mother who would go to any possible lengths to raise money for her son’s operation. Paoli essays the role of an anxious but fierce mother who would stop at nothing to save her son.

From the trailer, Season 2 looks far more promising than expected, which is a good sign for ZEE5. The show is directed by Aritra Sen and produced by Parambrata Chattopadhyay. It proves that women are unstoppable and untamable when it comes to fighting for the things they love.

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Kaali Season 2 Star Cast

The new season also marks the entry of theatre actor Abhishek Banerjee who is famous for his roles in Mirzapur, Humorously Yours, TVF Pitchers and Typewriter. The man has already carved out a place for himself in the constantly-evolving digital space where a new star is born every day. Kaali Season 2 welcomes some of the most renowned names of the acting world. With Abhishek Banerjee and Chandan Roy Sanyal making an entry, the show is likely to unfold into a much-anticipated gripping series. The characters of Paoli Dam and Rahul Banerjee continue to take the story forward in Season 2 also. Have a look at second season full star cast:

  • Paoli Dam
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal
  • Abhishek Banerjee
  • Vidya Malvade
  • Rahul Arunoday Banerjee
  • Parambrata Chattopadhyay

Kaali Season 2 Plot & Trailer Review

Kaali Season 2 trailer shows a glimpse of Paoli Dam, a single mother who’s running haywire because her disabled son has been abducted by human traffickers. A 2:25 minutes trailer shows Kaali on the run to save her child from murder. While her anxiety and exasperation build up to a level that she is haunted by the demons of her past (season 1).

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In the conquest to save her son, Paoli finds herself in the middle of a drug cartel war, criminals gangs and saving them from the police who’re now confused whether Kaali is a mother or a criminal. In this journey, Kaali rediscovers herself as the bold, formidable and invincible woman who’d go the extra mile for her loved ones. All thanks to the adversities of her ordeal, she transforms from a meek, petite mother to a store of unfathomable strength and courage. On her way to the destination, she encounters gang wars, drug lords, innocent deaths, mutilation and a series of betrayals.

The trailer is nothing short of a nail-biting, intense action-thriller that has a powerhouse woman in the lead role. The ‘Kaali Season 2’ seems like a celebration of femininity, strength and sheer bravery of modern-day women.

It is a subject that many women will relate to considering the rise in the number of women supporting women initiatives. On the outside, Kaali 2 is an action-thriller with spurts of emotion and drama but on the inside, it is filled with hope, courage and a peek into the dark underbelly of Kolkata city.

Kaali Season 2 release date

Interestingly, Kaali Season 1 was a strictly Bengali show with a dubbed Hindi version available to watch online. With the growing popularity and fondness for Season 1, the makers finally decided to produce Season 2 in the Hindi language. So, Kaali Season 2 is a gift for Hindi-speaking audience of the show who’ve waited for nearly two years since the last season aired.

Amidst all the boredom and dullness of our daily life, Kaali Season 2 will be a breath of fresh air and refreshment. The season 2 will premiere on ZEE5 on 29 May 2020. Are you excited to watch this gruesome story from the dark and dingy corners of Kolkata?


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