Ishq Actually Movie Poster
Ishq Actually Movie Poster

Truly Speaking there was no substance evident from the trailer of Ishk Actually itself. However, its music took me in surprise. The music as well as video teasers were really good. However, the actual movie is in fact a joke in the name of ‘movie’. Director Anish Khanna will be earning my applauds if he decides to change his line of work.

Ishk Actually was released on October 25th, 2013 and came out weaker even in front of no good competition. It was believed to be an Romantic Drama. But Anish fails to put a story, some emotions and ‘basic connect’ with audience.

Plot & Storyline

Gia (Neha Ahuja) is the protagonist of the story. She is shown as a person with weak head & incompetent enough to take decisions. Now, Gia had a past with Neal (Rajeev Khandelwal), a one night stand ; and she has a present with Kabir (Raayo S Bakhirta). Gia is engaged to Kabir.

The triangular point, Gia is all set to marry Kabir and this is when Neal re-enters her life as a wedding planner. Rest can be imagined easily.

Delivery: Intent and Actuals

Ishk Actually should ideally be re-titled as Ishk Intentioned . The story fails at points where it should have been gripping the audience with emotions and the viewers should feel connected and recognize Gia’s deja vu as well as state of mind.

But we were actually served with a very weak presentation. The story hopping between present and past unintelligently, doing no good. Actors’ lack of expression adds to the horror. Even Khandelwal loses after a point. As a result, character of Gia ends up becoming a joke and movie a shame.


The Script wasn’t written badly by Arindham Mukherjee, but the editing and dramatization was done very casually. For instance every scene seams to be shot at same location even though in actuals the movie was shot at varied places.
Rajiv has been in my good-books for his meaningful choices while selecting movies, but this went wrong with Ishk Actually.
Actor Neha Ahuja was so naive at handling the character of Gia. Let alone her delivery of dialogs.

The Verdict

You should watch Ishk Actually if you are experiencing such phase in real life, and are weak enough to be moved and get connected with the movie, else please spare yourself and better go watch Shahid instead.

BlogtoBollywood would rate Ishk Actually 1.5 on a scale of 5.


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