Sooper Se Oopar Movie Poster
Sooper Se Oopar Movie Poster

Sooper Se Ooper released this Friday against minimal competition but just like all the other movies that released this week, Sooper Se Ooper could not make much out of it. It was average and seems to slip out in more dramatic turns than making the audience laugh.

Background and Plot

The background and entire setup for Sooper Se Ooper was spread out well and quite quickly. We see Ranvir (Vir Das), the protagonist of our story in a very tough situation after his mother’s death and suffering huge lost in business.
What is the way out of this ? He needs to sell off his ancestral property.
Sounds Simple, but the catch is he is has to get an NOC from his maternal uncle or mama Madho Singh Rathore (Gulshan Grover). Madho Singh is to be chased and found by Ranvir. While his land stands in dispute, the opponent Kukki Kukreja (Deepak Dobriyal) will try to stop him for his own reasons.

Melodrama and Script

Ranvir makes a long trip to Rajisthan to find his mama. Mama ji has a small family in Gulabo (Kirti Kulhari) and Yashpal Sharma.The movie is filled about the journey and we some melodramatic turns in a pirated mama who want to help Ranvir’s opponent. All ends well at last, and Ranvir is able to get out of all the trouble.

The movie is more dramatic in its genre , i.e comedy.


It was good to see Vir Das performing well once again but I am getting bored of his choice of films. Similar repetitive roles won’t harm, but are certainly not going to do any good for him.
Movie’s director Shekhar Ghosh looks good in covering the backdrops of Rajisthan, but fails to pull out the best due to lulled script. Everything else was too average to speak off.

The Verdict

I would recommend you to watch Sooper Se Ooper if you liked Chalo Dilli. If you are going out just for watching any movie, this is the best option available this week.

We rate Sooper se Ooper as 2 on a scale of 5.


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