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Deepika Padukone a IIFA 2015

Finally, the award ceremony for which we all were eagerly waiting for!! Especially the fans who were always there for their respective stars and celebs, finally triggered and started rolling on the floor. So, as the title depicts it’s all about the IIFA awards 2015 which is indeed awaited by most of the Bollywood celebs as well.  Well, will start with the movies first and then will move along with the sizzling cum beauties of the entire Bollywood industry. But, before we explore the awards in front of you’ll can anyone guess, of which IIFA awards we are depicting all about? Still thinking?? Ohh, God Lets check this out. With the consistent and successful execution of ceremonies here we present before you’ll the grooving and sparking 16th IIFA Awards.

Moving directly to the awards, then catching and filling their empty hands with three awards in a row “Vishal Bhardwaj’s for Haider, Modern re-telling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and last but not the least Vikash Bahl’s coming-of-age drama Queen were blossoms of the 16th IIFA Awards. Not only this one og the cutties celeb Kangana Ranaut was awarded the  Best Actress Awards along with the dashing super star of B town Shahid Kapoor as best actor. However, if we flew along with the sources then “Anurag Kashyap,  was delighted with the received awards to the celebs and hence expressed his graceful love by adding a statement for Rajkumar Hirani as “I don’t know what to say. I love you Raju sir (Rajkumar Hirani). I don’t know how this film happened and it happened somehow. When we started the film we didn’t have any money..”” – As per the sources.