Amitabh, Madhuri and Preity
Amitabh, Madhuri and Preity

A well-known quote and of course often repeated by ourselves many a times when we face some hurdles in our life and it’s nothing but “A Mistake Done by Somebody but The Cost Is Paid by Someone Else for the Mistake” – A small but have something really touching into the meaning isn’t? The reason behind quoting the statement is just because of one of the most popular brands of food ‘Nestle’s’ highly selling product ‘Maggi’ is actually facing toughest hurdles in the century, in fact it’s not the product but the directors and last but not the least shockingly our beloved Bollywood stars who are also grabbed under the case. And thus, the quote replicates the same with these celebs.

However, if we talk about the case then despite by the fact that the Bollywood celebs who were nowhere in the scenario but with hard luck grabbed under this hot cum trending case of ‘Maggi’. Thinking why it is so? Check this out. Being a production owner, director and employee of Nestle it seem well and fine but being the brand ambassadors for Maggi and grabbed under FIR seems really unfair but in the end is indeed a bitter truth. Moving along with the sources then it is added that “According to an ANI tweet, Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, and Preity Zinta are included in the case filed by Watchdog Foundation in the Metropolitan Magistrate Court in Andheri, Mumbai” – As per the sources. Have a look on what ANI tweeted on the social media portal.

So, it’s for sure that the Bollywood stars have been treated as a culprit as well but let’s see whether they are really capable of facing unbeatable questions in the high court or not?


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