Maharashtra Govt Permits Films, TV Serials Shootings To Resume
Maharashtra Govt Permits Films, TV Serials Shootings To Resume

There is no denying the fact that Shah Rukh is going through a bad phase of his career as far as box office performance of his movies is concerned. But there is one thing which always keeps Shahrukh in limelight and it is his wit and presence of mind. Shah Rukh is all set to enthral us with his new TV show “TED Talks India Nayi Soch.”

At the launch of the show in Mumbai yesterday, SRK said that the show will spread love and will provide a platform for people to have a free flow of ideas.

When he was asked about his competition on TV from Salman and Akshay. SRK replied, “To be honest, Salman and Akshay what they are doing, they are in the league of their own. I am not even competing with them right now. They are doing wonderfully well.”

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“TED Talks India: Nayi Soch” is a Hindi TV talk show created in partnership with TED, a non-profit organisation devoted to “ideas worth spreading”. It will feature speakers from various fields sharing ideas on various themes. This is the first time TED is collaborating with a major network to produce a TV series featuring original “TED Talks” in Hindi. Every episode will have a specific theme ranging from the power of women, the future of technology, the power of the spoken word.

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