Fruitful Tips & Tricks To Save Money On Movie Tickets
Fruitful Tips & Tricks To Save Money On Movie Tickets

It’s A Weekend!!!!!!

Let’s Go and watch a movie – Common line that we have often heard from our friends and family. Watching movie is a fun activity and sometimes it makes us learn tremendous new things. It is the best entertainment source to pass your leisure time. But it can be more loving if it can let us save a little bit extra on our tickets. Watching movie by saving money – What can be the better deal than that?

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Top 10 Ways To Save On Movie Tickets

Some of the best and fruitful tips that can surely help you to get extra cashback and discount on your next movie tickets. Try now!!

Book Tickets With Bank Cards

Booking your movie tickets with the use of bank card is really a great idea. Bank cards let you get great BookMyShow Offers. It offers numerous deals on booking your movie tickets with the help of bankers like from SBI, Kotak, IndusInd and so on. The great offers that can be availed with the help- of cards are Buy 1 get 1 Ticket free, get up to 50% OFF on movie tickets, Get free tickets worth Rs.500 every month and much more. So buy your tickets now bank cards now.

Use Coupon Providing Websites

Another great idea to save your money on movie tickets is using the coupon provided by any coupon providing website BookMyShow coupons can help you avail the extra discount and additional cashback on your movie tickets choosing the right coupon providing the website is also very important to get genuine and updated coupons you can avail all BookMyShow coupons here.

Watching 3D Movies

As we have seen that 3D movies are more expensive than normal movies show because it provides an add-on amazing experience of virtual reality with the help of 3D glasses. So in order to save money on movie tickets, one can choose going for 2D movie show rather than 3D movies.

Book Tickets With E-Wallets

Using E-Wallets for booking movie tickets can help you a lot to save on your movie tickets. BookMyShow provides a bundle of offers on booking your movie tickets with the help of E-Wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, Amazon Pay, Phone Pe, Google Pay etc. The amount of discount that you can avail depends upon the type of E-wallet you are using for Payment.

Choose Lowest Pricing Days

Many movie theatres have a scheme of lowest pricing days in which they provide a minimum price for movie tickets So another tip is to choose your day wisely for watching your favourite movies. One can go for that in order to spare a bit higher in your savings. The lowest pricing days of some theatres like Cinepolis provide lowest prices on Wednesdays Fun Cinemas on Wednesdays INOX on Tuesdays and so on.

Avoid Weekends To Watch Movie

we can provide the pricing for movie tickets buying so so for saving money on movie tickets one can skip weekends to watch movies like on Saturday and Sunday. you can choose any other day from Monday till Thursday for watching movie. Friday is having the highest prices as it is the release-day of any movie.

Go After A Week Of Release

Whenever a movie is released the prices are very high in the first week of the movie release so you can spare a little bit more by going to watch a movie after a week of release as you can get genuine prices at that time. It is always good to wait for the best to come.

Don’t Buy Snacks From Theatre

Snacks make your budget bit higher than usual as buying snacks make your movie-watching experience an expensive one so you can avoid buying snacks from theatre as they offer very high prices on the normal products on normal foodstuff items. You can choose any other outlet after watching movie for feeding yourself. That will be a great deal.

Book Bulk Movie Tickets

Booking bulk of movie tickets can also help you to save money as it can let you redeem some extra discount for your amount of movie tickets. You and your friends can collectively book tickets from one place and afterwards, the amount can be split among all.

Choose For Morning Shows

Earlier shows let you get the best prices of movie tickets so go for that. It’s a unique tip for saving money on movie tickets. So for the next movie plan book a morning show ticket i.e. before 12 Noon and avail the best price. It is an observed pattern between many movie theatres so it a fruitful tip for sure.