Upcoming Comedy Specials By Top Comedians In India
Kunal Kamra

Nothing remains constant with time. And when talking about the entertainment industry, it has evolved in more ways than one can imagine. One of the most important aspects of entertainment is comedy and laughter. And a very common word that can be heard nowadays is “Stand up Comedy”, which provides a platform to all the comedians to showcase their skills or maybe just lighten up the mood of the audience. In the past few years, if anyone had been told about earning 50K to 10 lakhs for just a stand-up show, no one would have trusted it, but that’s how the stand-up has upsurged over the years, and internet surely is the main reason behind it all. Whether it be live stand-up shows by the best comedians or just another TV series, everything is up and out on the web.

Unlike the earlier days’ scenario, when people would just sit among the audience without having even a hint of knowledge about the comedian, nowadays, one can easily search for the shows, ratings, reviews and so much more, and book the tickets accordingly.

With the world going digital, there are various ways to book tickets to the best stand-up shows and just go laugh your hearts out there. One of the major names to check out show details, reviews. Ratings, prices, timings and above all booking tickets online, is BookMyShow along with several other websites. For all the people who love going out and watching live shows and see their favourite performers, BookMyShow is surely a blessing.

Talking of comedy shows, and not about the comedians is not justified. So, here is the list of upcoming performances by the most loved and famous comedians from the country. Check out the list below:

Amit Tandon

A multi-talented individual, being an actor, singer, and comedian, all at once, having performed in over 700 shows across the Globe. His upcoming lineup show named ‘Masala Sandwich’ is in Mumbai, on 23rd February. Looking forward to tears of joy. All the Mumbaikers must not miss out on this one.

Varun Grover

With a unique style of writing, he makes sure to set the stage on fire. Apart from being a comedian, he is a well-known lyricist and screenwriter, with some of his works in Bollywood as well. Want to catch a glimpse of him. Need not worry! You get an hour, at his upcoming show, ‘Fairy Tales’ on 20th February in Mumbai.

Gaurav Kapoor

Filled with wit and humour, this one is sure to tickle your bellies. An average Delhi guy performing across the states and countries. You can catch up on him next on 17th February at his show Kachi Mitti in Bandra, Mumbai and even in Noida on 23rd February on the other show named ‘Dilli 18’.

Jaspreet Singh

With over 50 million views on his videos, and having given over 450 performances, his humour is something to experience. Revolving around his daily experiences which go over the head at times, his satire is all chill and no worries. And so is the name of his upcoming show, ‘Koi Load Nhi’ on 15th February in Delhi. So, why not go experience bits and parts of relatable life stories in a fun-filled manner.

Kunal Kamra

He is known for his comedy based on all the observations made on politics and life, he has his style of narratives and presentation. To experience and hear his thoughts in the quite humorous way that he has, he has his next show named ‘Fresher Thoughts’ in Gurgaon on 27th March.

Appurv Gupta

With over 1500 shows and 70 million views on his videos, he is quite a name in the industry. Calling himself GuptaJi most of his wit comes in at the point of him being an engineer turned comedian, justifying it all. But, hands down, he can make you laugh your hearts out. His next stand-up special named ‘Kaafi Wild Hai’ is in Noida on 22nd March.

Kenny Sebastian

Garnering over 150 million views, he has gained much recognition through his videos. Along with this, he has a beautiful voice and is a musician as well. Something that influences the audience is his take on various topics and creating satire, wit and humour all around it. To witness some good levels of laughter, you can catch him up next in the ‘Crowdwork Show with Kenny Sebastian’ in Mumbai on 12th March.

Wondering if the list is over yet? NO! Not so soon. In fact, it can go on and on with the powerhouse of talents that all the comedians have viewing the world in their own ways and incorporating their thoughts, humour and views in ways we cannot even think of. Well, that is why every comedian has their genre, style which is unique and similar but yet so different to experience. So, getting bored? Or maybe looking for a fun weekend ahead! Go out, grab your tickets and laugh it out!

Last Updated on February 14, 2020 by Umesh