Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry
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Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry: Things you must know before joining films

You need to have a clear-cut idea of what is your aim. There are several categories when it comes to a career in showbiz. Some of the options that you can consider are– Casting director, scriptwriter, cinematographer, choreographer, lyricist, actor and film director to name a few.

Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry: What are your skills?

You also need to assess the kind of skills you have and what are the additional skills that you will require in the area of your choice. The good part about this industry is that most of the people don’t have any kind of specialized training. Whatever they learnt was mostly on the job. But you should be clear about what you want to do and figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

You should also apply at film schools if you feel you will need some sort of proper training to start with.

Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry: Acting classes

If you are interested in acting, you need to join a decent enough acting school that trains you. And at times, a few directors and casting agents have tie-ups with renowned acting schools. They are on the lookout for fresh talent and who knows, you might be the lucky one to benefit. You can also join theatre groups. Apart from acting, Bollywood movies require a lot of dancing so you need to take dancing lessons also if you are preparing yourself to enter the film line. Acting schools also teach you a few things about the industry, how it works, acting techniques, audition techniques, improvisation and voiceover.

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Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry: Build your resume

You also need to create a resume to show it to agents. It should be impressive enough.

Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry: Interviews/Auditions

Give as many interviews and appear for auditions a lot. You might not be successful initially, but you can’t take it lightly if you are serious about making your career in the glamour industry. And accept any offer that comes your way when you are beginning your career because even a cameo will give you the exposure and get you in the limelight. Though you need to be prepared for a long struggle and some emotional disappointments that are likely to come your way but if you are really passionate about it, don’t lose hope.

Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry : Interview/Auditions
Interviews/ Auditions

Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry: Focus on your looks/body

You need to be very careful about the way you present yourself. Always be well-groomed. And take good care of yourself. Follow a proper diet and a workout regimen. It is important to look good in this field.

Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry: Network

Try and make contacts with as many people as you can as networking is one of the keys to success in this industry. Try to get in touch with shopaholics who know about online shopping sites to get some ideas. Go to social gatherings, events and parties and be friendly with people. It can prove to be very helpful. You also need to keep a track of all the latest activities and news pertaining to the industry and also keep in touch with the casting agents.

Your Path To Bollywood Film Industry: Having some skill always works

You must have come across plenty of movies where the actors perform martial arts, run, swim, play tennis, soccer, shoot a weapon, play a piano or drums. There is a chance that some of these actors already have some kind of experience in what they are performing on TV. You stand a good chance if you have some sort of additional skill. You never know it just might come in handy as the casting directors will prefer someone who knows how to perform martial art or knows how to swim rather than picking someone who they will have to teach.

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