Emraan Hashmi plans to write a book revolving around his son's cancer
Emraan Hashmi and his son Ayaan

Emraan Hashmi was heart-broken when his son Ayaan was diagnosed with cancer last year.

Those were the darkest days of his life. But Emraan Hashmi took all the challenges in his stride. And thanks to God Ayaan is now well and fully out of danger. Emraan says that the last two years have been the most trying phase of his life and have made him wiser. He is very eager to share his story with his fans. 

According to a report of Deccan Chronicle, Emraan plans to provide comfort and guidance to those whose loved ones are battling cancer or other critical illnesses. Apart from detailing his own personal and emotional struggles and how he overcame them, Emraan is also taking guidance from his son’s paediatrician to make sure there aren’t any medical discrepancies in the book so that it benefits everyone in one way or the other.

Emraan has announced the news on Twitter-

Publishing house Penguin Books India announced that they are working on the book, which is expected to be out next year.

I love this idea of Emraan Hashmi sharing the toughest days of his life with us. Don’t you?