Bigg Boss 9 Update: Priya Malik claims Salman Khan is the most unbiased host ever
Priya Malik the latest evicted contestant of Bigg Boss 9

Priya Malik is the latest contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss 9 and she has got to say a lot of good things about the host Salman Khan!

Popularly known as Posh Spice of Australian TV, Priya Malik was evicted just one week before the finale of Bigg Boss 9. Priya was declared as the first finalist by Imam Siddique, but unfortunately, she was voted out by the public. Priya herself feels that being selected as the first finalist kind of back-fired on her. She thinks the audience must have thought that I am already a finalist.

Priya even accepted that her aim was to get into showbiz by becoming a part of Bigg Boss 9. She said “I would be lying if I say that it was not my aim. I knew that it would be a great launch in the Indian TV industry, and I am hoping that proves to be right.” When asked which contestant does she want to see as the winner, she said Rishabh Sinha deserves to win. She feels Rishabh has been entertaining, likeable and has proved himself. He’s a genuine guy, at the end of the day, a Bigg Boss winner should be all of this and more.

Contrary to some of the other contestants of the show who have called Salman Khan a biased host, Priya Malik says “No, I wouldn’t say so… I would not call him biased at all. In fact, he is one of the most unbiased reality TV show hosts that you can find on the planet. He says it like it is, and some people can’t digest it.”

The show now has only four contestants left- Mandana Karimi, Rochelle Rao, Keith Sequeira and Prince Narula. The winner will be one of them.

Who do you feel deserves to win the show?


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