Guess what Salman Khan gifted his alleged girlfriend Lulia Vantur for New Year?
Love Birds Lulia Vantur and Salman Khan

Lulia Vantur has become an important part of Salman Khan‘s life and he doesn’t even try to hide this fact anymore.

Lulia Vantur has been an important part of every little event or function of Salman Khan‘s family. Salman has also been giving clear hints about how close he is to Lulia these days. Even during Salman Khan’s 50th Birthday Party, they could not take their eyes off each other and he ensured she was comfortable enough and well taken care of.

The latest buzz surrounding Lulia and Salman is that Salman has gifted her a brand new car! Apparently, he has gifted her a grey coloured four wheeler though we don’t have the information about the make of the car but surely it was A-list. It is still unsure whether Lulia will travel by this new car or not, since she prefers to travel by rickshaws to stay low and not get recognized by the media and paparazzi.

But this gesture by Salman Khan itself proves how serious he is for Lulia Vantur and is doing everything to make it all workout.

Are you rooting for this couple like us?

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