Day 13-

The housemates were quite happy to have been let free. That’s right, the jodis no longer exist and everyone’s on their own now. It was the Weekend with Salman Khan, time for some grilling!

Bigg Boss 9- Day 13 & 14 Highlights- Grilling
And the grilling begins!
  • Salman declared Mandana was safe and this made her cry. When Salman asked her about who she thinks deserve the title of ‘Nakli’ more than her, she took Yuvika‘s name. According to her, Yuvika is too sweet and has a nasty side behind the back.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 13 & 14 Highlights- Mandana
Mandana Crying
  • Since Kishwer tagged Aman as ‘Aswachch’ in Friday’s episode, Salman asked Aman to name one person who he thought he more unclean than him. Aman took Rochelle’s name saying that her things are never in place in the bathroom but Salman didn’t think Aman’s judgement was fair enough.
  • Next, Salman asked Mandana, who was titled ‘Nakli’ by Kishwer to choose the fake person of her choice. Mandana chose Yuvika saying that she appears to be sweet but she has a nasty side which shows up when she badmouths others. Yuvika laughed it off.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 13 & 14 Highlights- Yuvika
Yuvika reacts to Mandana’s assumption
  • Salman praised Keith as he was the only one who understood the ‘Neelami’ task and rewarded him by giving back his luggage.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 13 & 14 Highlights- Keith
Salman appreciating Keith
  • Then, Salman came to the Lagaan task and praised Mandana for putting up an entertaining show and being the only contestant for understanding the rules of the task. Salman said that not only she understood it well but it was unfair on the part of others to argue with her for stealing the coins from the Zamindaars.
  • Suyyash and Prince were called inside the secret room where Salman questioned Suyyash about his claims of honesty and team spirit, while during the Lagaan task. He was questioned about why he told Kishwer about the strategies being planned by his team. Suyyash claimed that he didn’t actually tell anything but just hinted at the possibility of some mischief. Kishwer also defended him.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 13 & 14 Highlights- Prince
Prince & Suyyash inside the Secret Room
  • Salman also grilled Yuvika and Vikas for being too lenient and even showed a footage of the dirty corners of the house to prove his point. But Kishwer seemed to think that they did their duty quite well since it was the first week in the house.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 13 & 14 Highlights- Vikas
  • Salman, however, did not buy her argument and instead asked the housemates to go by the examples set by former contestants Gauhar Khan, Kamya Punjabi, Ali Quli Mirza and Praneet Bhat.
  • Finally Salman announced that the elimination would happen on Sunday night between Rimi, Roopal and Aman.

Day 14-

The day started with Randeep Hooda promoting his upcoming movie Main Aur Charles on Bigg Boss 9.

  • When asked about his costar Mandana, Randeep said that she is being herself inside the house and had a fun chat with Salman Khan  who donned the ‘Charles’ avatar!
Bigg Boss 9- Day 13 & 14 Highlights- Randeep
Salman in the ‘Charles’ Avatar with Randeep Hooda
  • Salman pulled a prank at Rimi by giving her a ‘Ticket to Finale’ that put her in the state of absolute shock. Rimi cried her heart out on not willing to stay inside the house.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 13 & 14 Highlights- Rimi
Rimi in a state of shock!
  • Salman further asked Digangana to pull up her socks and stop behaving like a ‘giggly, spoilt kid’.
  • Salman asked Rochelle’s opinion on the worst perfomer jodi during the Lagaan task and she replied that she was contemplating between Yuvika-Vikas and Digangana-Roopal. And again, the housemates begin arguing about who indeed performed the worst.
  • A family panel consisting of Digangana’s mother, Suyyassh’s sister, Kishwer’s mother and Prince’s sisters interacted with Salman and gave their perspective on how their loved ones were performing on the show.
Bigg Boss 9- Day 13 & 14 Highlights- Family
Salman with the Family Panel
  • While Suyyash’s sister and Kishwer’s mother agreed that Suyyash is playing the game from his heart, they also said that Kishwer is using her brain. Digangana’s mother was worried about her daughter and asked her to take good care of herself. Prince’s sister requested Salman Khan to keep away from group-ism and bring out his individuality in the game.
  • Salman’s next target was Prince for his flirtatious nature. He displayed several pictures of Prince hugging every female inmate. Prince was left in a tricky situation when asked what he meant by saying ‘What did Keith do to Mandana that she is vomiting.’
  • Finally, the show came to an end as Roopal Tyagi was evicted and asked to leave the house with her bags. Using her power of ‘Bigg Bomb’, Roopal revoked the tie-up between Suyyash and Prince!


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