Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 8
Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 8

Bigg Boss 8 Day 5 Highlights : Secret society member Puneet Issar enters the house

Bigg Boss asked the Secret Society members to vote out one of them to live in the Bigg Boss house. The members voted out Puneet as he is very emotional while making decisions on the contestants. Therefore, Puneet packed his bags and was welcomed grandly by the inmates of the house. Arya and Upen seemed to be the happiest as they know Puneet since a long time. Arya even said that he could guess Puneet was one of the secret society member right from the start hearing his voices for so many days.

Bigg Boss 8 Day 5 Highlights - Puneet Issar enters Bigg Boss House
Bigg Boss 8 Day 5 Highlights – Puneet Issar enters Bigg Boss House

The inmates then took Puneet inside the aircraft. Problems arrived when Arya pointed to Sonali’s seat and said “Puneet Uncle you can take this seat”, which didn’t go quite well with Sonali. Arya later apologized to Sonali that he specifically didn’t point to her seat and that it was just random.

Later in the night, Upen and Arya had a heart-to-heart talk. Both confessed that Puneet’s entry will stir quite a few problems. Looks like even the happiest can’t be happy !

Meanwhile, Praneet and Gautam too fought over ” Who will clean the kitchen sink”. Praneet, who is normally calm , turned dominant and began to give orders to Gautam to clean. They fought for some time and then the matter eventually subsided.

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