Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor

Kareena doesn’t know what is Mangalyaan! : Bollywood diva has no clue about mission Mangalyaan, when asked by a reporter in an event.

While the whole Bollywood has been tweeting about the massive progress of Mangalyaan in Mars orbit, our Hot diva has no idea what Mangalyaan even means.

When Bebo was at a haircare launch event, a reporter asked her what is her view on the success of Mangalyaan. Kareena couldn’t understand what the reporter said and asked him to repeat the question in English. When asked again in Engligh, Kareena looked clueless and after a long pause replied that it’s a huge achievement for India. Kareena further made a fool out of herself by saying she would love to go on Space someday. When asked if she would take her husband along, a dumbstruck Kareena replied, “Saif is already in space” . Face palm Kareena!

OMG : Kareena doesn't know what is Mangalyaan!
kareena Kapoor looked clueless when asked about Mangalyaan

Kareena even said that she won’t be doing female centric films right now just because her contemporaries are doing it. Kangana’s Queen, Alia’s Highway, Sunny Leone’s Ragini Mms2, Rani’s Mardaani and PeeCee’s Mary Kom have been huge hit this year but Kareena won’t do female centric films. When asked why, Bebo replies, ” “I have done female-centric film. I did ‘Chameli’ at 22, then ‘Jab We Met’ and then ‘Heroine. So, I would only do one if I really like the script and not just because everyone is doing it. That is not how I work,” the 34-year-old said at the Head & Shoulders event here.

This is not the first time a Bollywood celeb has been clueless when asked general knowledge questions. A big example would be Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan who were dumb struck when asked who is the President of India.

The trolls of Bollywood celebs are increasing day by day, as they make fool of themselves in events by answering clueless-ly. Looks like, our celebs are made only for the reel world! What say readers?


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