Anil Kapoor Reaction To His #FaceAppChallenge Memes Is Gold, You Just Can't Miss To Read
Anil Kapoor Reaction To His #FaceAppChallenge Memes Is Gold, You Just Can't Miss To Read

People on the internet always find something or the other to balance the entertainment factor alive on the internet. Major credit for this goes to the challenges that keep trending on social media on a regular basis.

Recently, #FaceAppChallenge became the talk of the town as everyone – from a common internet user to celebrities – were seen taking this challenge. Netizens flooded the internet with their pictures on this challenge, which were just amazing.

Interestingly, the “evergreen” Bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor who never seems to age in real life, became the main highlight of the challenge. He has garnered a lot of memes on his appearance and they are just too amazing to be missed.  

Here, have a look at some of the memes making rounds on Twitter:

Recently, Anil Kapoor was asked about his reaction to the memes making rounds on the internet, to which he said:

“I’m so amused and entertained by people’s creativity! Just when I think they would’ve run out of memes to make about me, they surprise me with yet another hilarious take! It’s quite flattering and humbling honestly. I’m happy that I’m able to entertain and maybe even inspire people of all ages, even when I’m not trying!”

Well, fans are always very curious to know the secret behind Anil Kapoor’s ‘elixir of youth’, that has created a storm on social media.