Govinda Slammed David Dhawan, Reveals The Reason Of Their 10 Year Spat
Govinda Slammed David Dhawan, Reveals The Reason Of Their 10 Year Spat

There have been many hit actor-director duos in Bollywood who gave us many blockbuster hits, but no one comes close to the Jodi of Govinda and David Dhawan. This actor-director Jodi has given us many hits including Hero No.1, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, Saajan Chale Sasural and many more.

However, there were a lot of rumors about the spat between David Dhawan and Govinda, turned out all the rumors were true. Recently, Govinda finally opened up about it all in the recent episode of Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat. He revealed what exactly went wrong between the two. He said:

“David will be in the position to ask me this question only when his son does as many as 17 films with him. I don’t think even his son will do 17 movies with him.. because he is David Dhawan’s son and he’s educated. I didn’t even know the meaning of doing that many movies with an actor. I was only told that Sanjay Dutt told he was Punjabi, and he’s coming. That time I used to provide work to a lot of Punjabis with me. So he came, and I liked him and thought, I could come up with a lot of Hit films with him.”

Govinda Slammed David Dhawan, Reveals The Reason Of Their 10 Year Spat
Govinda Slammed David Dhawan

He added:

“I did not even treat my relatives the way I treated him. Even my brother is a director but I haven’t done 17 films with him.”

Further on, Govinda revealed the thing that hurt him the most and made their relationship sour. He revealed:

“I don’t know what he was expecting but when I narrated him the concept of Chashme Badoor, he started doing it with Rishi Kapoor, without even keeping me in the loop. When my secretary was in conversation with him, I had changed a little as I left politics. I had asked my secretary to keep the phone on speaker while talking to him, and that’s when I heard, ‘Chi Chi has started questioning way too much. I don’t want to work with him anymore. Ask him to do any small role that he gets’”

He expressed that he is opening up about all this after so many years because he thinks David Dhawan is influenced by someone and he has his doors open for David. He said:

“It hurt me so much that I decided I wouldn’t work with him for the next 4-5 months. However, I called him after that time span and asked him if I could make a guest appearance in his movie but he never rang me back. I’m revealing all this after so many years because I had no option and I feel that he’s influenced, this is not the real him, because if my doors close for someone, how am I Govinda then?” 

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