Dangal Grosses 1650 Crores Worldwide, Aiming For 2000 Crores Now

We are pretty much sure past few days all you hear everywhere is ‘Dangal’. Fans are going crazy for this movie and why not? The movie is two and a half hour motivation! Aamir Khan portraying the role of real life wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat’ and the stunning journey of his two amazing daughters into the world of wrestling can inspire anyone!

Here are top 10 dialogues from ‘Dangal’ that will definitely get you motivated and inspire you to make those critical decisions in your life.

1.) When Geeta has her first fight with a man…. Aamir says:

2.) Always remember where you come from.

3.) Don’t underestimate a female!

4.) On hard work, determination and pursuing your dreams.

5.) Never let the haters bring you down..

6.) Encouraging a woman’s dreams

7.) Just because she is a woman, doesn’t mean she is less than a man.

8.) Become an example to the world.

9.) Both men and women are equal. Both can do anything if given the right support and chance.

10.) The difference…..

‘Dangal’ sure did inspire us a lot! A positive outlook on women empowerment, we hope ‘Dangal’ changes the Indian society soon enough. What’s your take on this?