Akshay Kumar has written the foreword of Emraan Hashmi's 'The Kiss of Life'
Akshay Kumar has written the foreword of Emraan Hashmi's 'The Kiss of Life'

Akshay Kumar is the one who has written the foreword of Emraan Hashmi’s ‘The Kiss of Life’.

Emraan Hashmi is getting geared up for the launch of his first book ever titled ‘The Kiss of Life-How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer’. In the book, he talks about his son’s struggle with cancer and how he fought with it successfully.

Reportedly, Emraan himself approached Akshay Kumar to write the foreword for the book and Akki, being the kindhearted person he is, reciprocated positively. He confirmed the news while talking to a leading daily-

“Approaching Akshay was something I had in my mind since January last year when I was working on the book. Hussain Zaidi, too, suggested that Akshay would be a great person to write the foreword. That just confirmed my opinion. Also, Akshay had reached out to me in the my time of need. After the book was completed, I met Akshay and asked him whether he would write the foreword. He agreed immediately and wrote it in two days.”

He further added “It is very touching…very emotionally charged. It reflects the essence of the book. The book is not just about dealing with the disease, but it’s also about what we can do as a family as a unit among other things. And the foreword brings that out.”

I know you can’t wait for the book to come out!

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