World's highest paid actors forbes 2016
World's highest paid actors forbes 2016

Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan made it to the Forbes’ list of world’s top 20 highest-paid actors.

It’s raining money on Bollywood superstars and this can be judged by the fact that four Bollywood actors have made it to the Forbes list of the world top 20 highest-paid actors.
King Shahrukh Khan is at number 8 with an estimated earnings of $33 million followed by Akshay Kumar at number 10. As per Forbes, Khiladi Kumar earned $33 million last year. Akshay Kumar is followed by Salman Khan (number 14 with $28.5 million) and Amitabh Bachchan (number 18 with $20 million). The list has been topped by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) which the earnings of around $64.5 million.

Forbes Magazine quoted as, “A quarter of this global list hail from outside the U.S. Aside from Chan, four Bollywood stars returned to the ranking for the second year in a row. Shah Rukh Khan ($33 million), the top-ranked Indian actor, banked as much as Downey Jr., while Akshay Kumar ($31.5 million) earned the same as Brad Pitt in our scoring period.”

SRK was missing in the last year list is back with a bang topping among the Indian actors. Forbes wrote about Shahrukh, “Khan continues to rule Bollywood’s box office with the lead role in hit Dilwale and many others, earning multimillion-dollar upfront fees and a cut of the back-end for his efforts. He also cashes in on endorsement deals for dozens of brands most Americans have likely never heard of.”

World's Highest Paid Actors Forbes 2016 - Shahrukh Khna at no. 8
Shah Rukh Khan

Akshay Kumar, who is going through a dream phase of his career with three back to back super hits earned $31.5 million. As per Forbes, “One of Bollywood’s busiest leading men, Kumar banked top rupee for three hit films in our scoring period. The action star bolsters his earnings endorsing a wider range of products than most Hollywood shills: Honda motorcycles, a dairy producer and a gold loan company, among others,”

World's Highest Paid Actors Forbes 2016 - Akshay Kumar at no. 10
Akshay Kumar

Salman Khan, who was at number 8 last with $33.5 million earning has dropped to number 14 this year with $28.5 million earning. Forbes wrote, “One of Bollywood’s leading men, Khan makes top rupee from movies such as Bajrangi Bhaijaan and numerous endorsements. In May 2015 he was sentenced to five years in prison for a 2002 hit-and-run car incident which killed a homeless man; his sentence was suspended.”

World's Highest Paid Actors Forbes 2016 - Salman at no. 14
Salman Khan

Amitabh Bachchan dropped to number 18 this year compared to number 7 las year. His earnings witnessed great fall, from $33.5 million last year to $20 million this year. “Bollywood stalwart has starred in more than 150 movies in a career that spans five decades. The 73-year-old is busy as ever: he appeared in four films during our scoring period,” Forbes said.

World's Highest Paid Actors Forbes 2016 - Amitabh at no. 18
Amitabh Bachchan

List of World’s Highest Paid Actors Forbes 2016

    Dwayne Johnson: $64,500,000
    Jackie Chan: $61,000,000
    Matt Damon: $55,000,000
    Tom Cruise: $53,000,000
    Johnny Depp: $48,000,000
    Ben Affleck: $43,000,000
    Vin Diesel: $35,000,000
    Shah Rukh Khan: $33,000,000
    Robert Downey Jr: $33,000,000
    Akshay Kumar: $31,500,000
    Brad Pitt: $31,500,000
    Adam Sandler: $30,000,000
    Mark Wahlberg: $30,000,000
    Salman Khan: $28,500,000
    Leonardo Dicaprio: $27,000,000
    Chris Pratt: $26,000,000
    Will Smith: $20,500,000
    Amitabh Bachchan: $20,000,000
    Matthew McConaughey: $18,000,000
    Harrison Ford: $15,000,000

Deepika Padukone is the only Indian actress in the list of top 10 world’s highest paid actresses with the earnings of $10 million.


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