What made Tabu reject Golmaal Again?
What made Tabu reject Golmaal Again?

A few days ago, we heard that Tabu will be making a comeback to comedy with Golmaal 4 but then what made Tabu reject Golmaal Again?

Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty’s fourth installment of Golmaal series was expected to feature Tabu in a comic role as well. But according to recent reports, we hear that Tabu reject Golmaal Again. What could have made her do this?

According to a report by DNA, “When Rohit Shetty went to Tabu with the narration she wasn’t too happy with her role. It was almost like a special appearance and she didn’t have much to do. It’s the role of an astrologer who makes some funny predictions. But the filmmaker wanted only Tabu in that role as she’s a very talented actress so Rohit asked her for some time. He went back with his team of writers and re-wrote the character only for her. When he went to her with the new script, she loved the role and said yes. Now, it is meatier and has more shades.”

So all is well that ends well! Tabu will actually be a part of this movie!


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