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Vote For Shahrukh Khan’s Best Performance Till Date – Fan, Chak De India, My Name Is Khan, which is SRK’s best performance.

King of Bollywood SRK has given a lot of mind-blowing performances in a career span of 28 years. He has done it all- romance, comedy, action, suspense, and even the grey shade roles. And all in his greatness!

So, let’s vote and decide the best performance given by Shahrukh Khan among the following movies. It’s your chance to vote for the Shahrukh Khan’s best performance till date.

1. Devdas

SRK's best performance till date - DevdasShah Rukh Khan‘s screen charisma as Devdas is undisputed. The shaking hands, the quivering voice and the quirky smile became Shah Rukh Khan trademarks after this movie.

2. Swades

SRK's best performance till date-Vote Now!-SwadesShah Rukh Khan plays a NASA engineer who goes back to India to find the nanny who raised him and he did it such a way that inspired extreme emotions.

3. Veer Zaara

SRK's best performance till date - Veer Zara
SRK is called the ‘Romance King of Bollywood’ and that’s a title that does not come easy. And his role as Veer conferred his charismatic personality.

4. Chak De India

SRK's best performance till date - Chak De India
The role of a coach is perfectly portrayed by SRK in Chak De India!.  There is no sentimentality in the movie and his character is restrained.

5. My Name is Khan

SRK's best performance till date - My Name is Khan
Shah Rukh Khan marvellously did the role of Rizwan Khan suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. He makes us fall in love with Rizwan!

6. FAN

New Poster of Shah Rukh Khan's 'Fan' is out!
Fan Poster

SRK played a double role of a superstar Aryan Khanna and his obsessed fan Gaurav. He just nailed it as Gaurav and this is surely one of his career-best performance.

So, in which movie did SRK played the role of his life? Cast your vote and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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  1. The best of SRK top perfomance list ever…..Melodramatic Devdas Mukherjee, Patient and hopeful Veer Pratap Singh, Innovative and inspiring Mohan Bhargava(Swades), The no-nonsense determined coach Kabir Khan best of him ever…..And the heart-rending performance as Rizwan Khan is unforgettable- the best of SRK-Kajol combination too…..And above all he hits the top with the double role of the superstar actor and the obssessed fan, Gaurav…….

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