Dawood Ibrahim's family visit Shraddha Kapoor at Mehboob studios
Dawood Ibrahim's family visit Shraddha Kapoor at Mehboob studios

It was a regular working afternoon for Shraddha Kapoor at Mehboob Studio, who is currently shooting for a movie based on the life story of Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar who died in 2014. Everything was going well until, Haseena Parkar’s three kids and her brother Sameer Antulay came to visit her on the sets. At first, Shraddha and the crew members freaked out but slowly the tension between them disappeared.

Says a source, “There were Haseena Parkar’s three children – Alishah, Umeria and Khushiyan and Haseena’s brother Sameer Antulay. Initially, Shraddha and the rest of the cast were alarmed but the atmosphere softened soon and the tension dissolved.”
Apparently, Haseena’s family liked what they saw. “Haseena Parkar’s children and brother fell in love with the way the film was being shot.They had come prepared for the eventuality of falling in love with the film .They had gotten along the real Haseena’s personal belongings, her reading glasses, nose ring and her favorite lipstick which they presented to Shraddha,” the source added.
Ankur Bhatia who plays Shraddha’s husband says, “It was an amazing experience for me to meet Haseena Parkar’s children. I had not met them before. They showed me some old photos of their father and gave me tips which will be really useful to play Haseena’s husband.”

Shraddha Kapoor plays the titular role of Haseena Parkar in the movie which also features Shraddha’s brother Sidhanth  Kapoor as Dawood Ibrahim.