Sex Education Season 2 Recap: Will Season 3 Solve These Unsolved Mysteries?
Sex Education Season 2 Recap: Will Season 3 Solve These Unsolved Mysteries?

Sex Education Season 3 is all set to arrive on Netflix. The hit Netflix show will resume from where the second season concluded. 

It’s been a long wait for Sex Education fans. The second season premiered on Netflix on Jan 17, 2020, and since then the fans are waiting for a new set of episodes to arrive on the streamer. Well, Sex Education Season 3 is just around the corner and it will be different from the previous seasons. This time we will see the students of Moordale High have a brand new school uniform. We will also see new cast members.

Despite a lot of new changes for the good, the core will remain the same. Season 3 of the popular comedy-drama will pick up from where the second season ended. The fans have been waiting for the upcoming season to get the answers to several questions that remained unsolved in the previous chapter. Here’s a look at a quick recap of the second season and the mysteries we are expecting to get resolved in the third season.

1) Will Otis and Maeve find love?

Otis and Maeve love each other. By the end of the second season, Otis finally gathers the courage to confess his feelings to Maeve. He expressed his love on her voicemail. Maeve never got the chance to hear the voice mail as she was busy competing in the final of the School quiz competition. Isaac, the disabled boy, and Maeve’s neighbour delete the voicemail as he has feelings for her. It would be interesting to see how this plot unfolds in the third season. Fans would be hoping for the two to come together.

2) Will Otis and Maeve continue to offer sexual advice to teens?

Now, this is a big question. It won’t be easy for Otis to continue offering advice to his students, especially if Jean, his mother returns to the school as an instructor or teacher for sex education.

3) What will Jackson do?

Throughout the second season, Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) was under pressure of competing in a sport he no longer love. Consistent pressure from his mother has got too much for Jackson. He revealed to classmate Viv (Chinenye Ezeudu) that he had self-harmed to get away from swimming competitions.

By the end of the second season, Jackson made it clear to his parents that he would not be swimming competitively again and would look for other options.

4) Will Ola and Lily come together?

Ola and Lily’s started as friends. As their friendship grew, Ola began having sex dreams about Lily. Their relationship progressed romantically after Ola broke up with Otis. Though uncomfortable at first, the two are more than willing to explore the sexual side of their relationship.

5) Will Jean go through with the pregnancy?

Jean is pregnant with Jakob’s baby. It’s a dilemmatic situation for her as she is no more with Jakob. Will she go through with the pregnancy or abort the baby? It remains one of the prime questions for the third season.

Other questions that need to be answered are Eric and Adam’s love, the new headmaster of Moordale etc. The upcoming season will be an interesting one.

Sex Education Season 3 arrives on Netflix on Sep 17, 2021. Are you waiting for it? Share your views with us in the comments section. Stream the first two seasons of Sex Education now on Netflix!!!