Raveena Tandon Is Off To Goa To Attend Her Younger Daughter Chhaya's Wedding
Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon is set for Goa To Attend her Younger Daughter Chhaya’s Wedding!

Raveena Tandon has been occupied with the wedding glee of her younger daughter Chhaya. Chhaya, the younger of Raveena Tandon’s two adopted girls, is getting hitched in Goa on this 25th (January). The Bollywood actress and the would be mother-in-law Raveena will walk her down the aisle.

Raveena Tandon's daughter Chhaya
Raveena With Chhaya

According to a source, it will be a Hindu-Catholic wedding as the groom is based in the state.

Raveena Tweeted:

Well, all we have to say to the match made in heaven, have a Happy Wedding Life 🙂