Rajjo Movie Poster
Rajjo Movie Poster

Very frankly speaking when Rajjo was announced, I had hopes in first looks of Kangana Ranaut’s Rajjo. It was something better than what I saw yesterday. Rajjo Movie Review will be a disappointment for Kangana fans, simply because the type-casting of a “nautch girl” in Bollywood failed this time.

It is not because she was entirely responsible for the bad experience i had, but yes she had her part too.

Storyline & Script

Rajjo claims itself to be a romantic musical film but ironically neither does it shows a musical face nor it is romantic exactly. A young boy Chandu (Paras Arora) hailing from a well to do family is shown finding love in Rajjo (Kangana Ranaut), the female protagonist of the story. Rajjo is a call girl and lives in the suburbs of Mumbai.

The movie moves on to show how love can unite two people from “different frames”. It shows the problems Rajjo & Chandu face in living a normal life because of Rajjo’s background. When they decide to start fresh, Rajjo comes face to face with her past. What is her way-out is to be found out.

What Went Wrong for Rajjo ?

Everything. Rajjo though had a nice story, yet the scripting done was pathetic. The background music, blunt cuts between the scenes, and a lot of dull boring imagery in the movie made sure that you won’t be interested.

Actor Paras Arora is naive and director Vishwas Patil appears to be more naive than him. Paras, in some spurts spills out his potential as an actor but this is not enough.

Kangana is the strongest actor on board, but still the movie fails to explore her talented face of acting. She could have been perfect in the role of a nautch girl, but alas, it failed.

Any Hopes

Sadly none, unless you are a dedicated “Kangana fan”. It becomes difficult for surviving the movie.


Rajjo’s tasteless drama is not recommended for anyone. Please spare yourself.

BlogtoBollywood will give Rajjo 1 out of 5 stars.


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