Movies sorrounding demonetization
Movies sorrounding demonetization

The Indian Government’s decision of demonetization in November 2016 was criticised and praised by many. The event has been recorded in movies later. Here we have two such movies that essentially capture the impact of Indian demonetization.

The Great Indian Casino

The Great Indian Casino is a 2019 thriller film directed by Rupesh Paul and produced by Chandrakant Sharma and Neeraj Sharma. It stars Asif Basra, Pankaj Berry, Ravi Jhanghu, Yatin Karyekar, Govind Namdeo, Ameesha Patel, Deep Raj Rana, Gauri Shankar, Rajesh Sharma, Gizele Thakral, Gergana Tonozlieva and Anuj Vasistha. The movie is based on the true stories of the 2005 bar closure in Maharashtra and the 2016 demonetization impact on bar girls lives merged together. The director is known for his movies Kamasutra, What The F and My Mother’s Laptop.

The producer Chanderkant Sharma’s first venture and he launched his Cinemirchi Productions corresponding to the movie shoot. In 2019 he gave his two cents on the movie. The movie is more on bar girls and how their lives were affected due to bar closing, than on demonetisation. Sharma is also known for his work in the field of journalism and claims to have conversed with many bar girls with whom he sympathizes. The film shows both the positives and negatives of demonetization. Sharma talks highly of Rupesh Paul the director. It is a content-based movie than concentration on one particular star. All characters are equally important. This is Sharma’s first movie and he felt that Paul’s previous works are quite strong. Rupesh Paul for his part had to say that he had wandered with the script for 3 years and earned praises for it from many big names. Paul says it’s a crude projection of India’s dark reality.

During pre-shoot interviews, actor Deep Raj Rana revealed that he plays a negative role in the movie. He emphasised on the experimental nature of the movie where the acts are not revealed to the actors, thus the characters were brought on with spontaneity and naturality. Yatin Karyekar plays a corrupt inspector named Kirkire. The said bar – The Great Indian Casino is owned by four men who at the onset of demonetization play a tricky game to exploit the bar girls and acquire money. The inspector is in alliance with the owners and asks them to invest the money after demonetisation. Rajesh Sharma is one of the owners and plays a negative role.          The film gives us insights on how Indian casinos work. The major parts of the movie were shot in Madh Island, Aryaa Bungalow

The trailer was officially released by veteran actor Dharmendra in a meet in Hotel Piccadilly. The trailer demonstrated its dedication to the numerous people who suffered under demonetization and were killed in ATM queues. The movie was launched in Cannes 2019 and moved on to various foreign countries thereafter.

Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai

The film that revolves around the event of the 2016 demonetisation, was released on Netflix on June 5, 2020. It is a Netflix original that was directed and co-produced by Anurag Kashyap starring Saiyami Kher and Roshan Mathew. The film received average reviews by critics who praised the actors but were disappointed with the story progression.

The film is about a middle-class woman working as a bank employee and struggling to make her ends meet. Her life takes a U-turn when she finds rolls of cash in her kitchen pipes. The accidental discovery of money makes her and her family’s life comfortable until demonetisation hits, and all the cash she has becomes useless. Choked in streaming on Netflix India.

The supporting cast includes Amruta Subhash, Rajshri Deshpande, Tushar Dalvi, Upendra Limaye and Parthveer Shukla.

Let us know more such movies that capture the events of the 2016 demonetization and what you think about them. Meanwhile, catch these movies on the internet!


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