Mary Kom Movie Review : Priyanka Chopra's Chiseled performance
Mary Kom Movie Review : Priyanka Chopra's Chiseled performance

Mary Kom Movie Review: Does Performance Justifies Mary Kom?

Mary Kom Movie Review opens up a debate on whether judging Mary Kom (Movie) on Mary Kom’s life justified? Or, should we refrain our self from being over critical.

Priyanka Chopra‘s Mary Kom is a woman-centric movie. No doubt, She as a protagonist has done a good job and her hard work on being Mary Kom, rather than acting is appreciable. However, Was Mary Kom a real test for Priyanka’s acting skills?

Mary Kom is a test for director Omung Kumar‘s skills to justify not only the epic sports person Mary Kom’s real turned reel life in a beautiful way, but also open the deja vu, faced by Mary Kom as a person, in front of the audience.

Omung Kumar was able to bring beauty in his cinema but was unable to convert your granny’s narration of pied piper tale to a first person experience which the pied piper had himself. I would rather blame Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’s director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for setting an example on how to understand the sports, the sports person and his mental situ. and present it beautifully in a flick ( with some cinema overtones ). It is Rakeysh at fault which makes me expect a similar show on the silver screen when a legend is patronised.

In a nutshell, Even when Priyanka was able to match Farhan Akhtar’s acting skills, Omung failed at the basic –  what he wanted from the movie. Celebrating Mary Kom or her husband or the discriminations and injustices in the system.

Mary Kom Movie Review : StoryLine and Background

Mary Kom was penned by Saiwyn Quadras, and is set on flashbacks in narration. The narration is good, and does uses some cinematic modifications to give it a bollywood touch. This is justified and would not be an issue. The movie weaves around a bully childhood of Mary Kom who shows a yern and love for boxing in every phase of life. Because of her persistence and talent she gets a mentor who trains her well then (at wrong time) she decides to get married, rest is how Mary Kom becomes a mother, and came back to the sport, without a mentor, how her love supports her and how she faces the corrupt sports system in India.

Mary Kom Movie Review : Character Performances

Mary Kom is Priyanka’s tale, but I am equally impressed by Darshan Kumar’s performance. His diction, his body language, as the support for protagonist was really important in the script and he did well. It is not wrong when he said in an interview published on Reuters.

Q. You are not playing the lead in this movie. How important is it for you to play the main character?
A. I am playing Onler Kom who is Mary’s husband. Mary’s life is incomplete without Onler. He is the main part in her life, who supported her and motivated her all the time. And he is standing behind her and that’s what we have shown in the film. If Priyanka, I feel, is “she-ro” in this film, then I am the hero in this film.

Priyanka Chopra is good, her body language and feel real-acting skills justify Mary Kom. It is PC, which makes you sit there in your seat long enough unconsciously. Sunil Thapa was good as well.

Mary Kom Movie Review : Screenplay and direction

Excellent camera work and cinematography by Keiko Nakahara makes you gel well with the theme of the movie. The music complements the movie and doesn’t look out of place. Background score is strong enough to motivate you and keep you engaged.

Omung as a director has done a very well and was fine in his job trying not to focus on the sports, but he made a glitch and centralised on the sportsperson. Could have been better if his focus would have been Mary Kom as a person.

Mary Kom Movie Review : Overall Verdict

As Mardaani was an average version of Kahaani like flick similarly Mary Kom will always remind you that you have seen Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Yes, because Rakeysh Om Prakash made you meet and feel Milkha Singh and not just his success. Omung failed on a basic level to make you feel Mary Kom as a mother, her emotions on choosing Boxing, unsettling her life and her low-points from first level.

This being said, does not marrs the effort and good show which the movie gave us.

Watch for

Priyanka, Darshan Kumar and Omung’s exciting tale.

Avoid for

Higher expectations of getting to know what it feels like to be Mary Kom.

Mary Kom trailer

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Mary Kom Movie Review : Priyanka Chopra's Chiseled performance
Mary Kom Movie Review : Priyanka Chopra as MAry Kom still


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