Kangana Ranaut: Hrithik would be nowhere without famous parents
Kangana Ranaut: Hrithik would be nowhere without famous parents

Kangana Ranaut was recently at Neha Dhupia’s audio chat show #NoFilter. The actor who is known for being outspoken truly stuck by the show theme and didn’t filter anything out. Kangana spoke her mind all out and made some brow-raising statements. From Hrithik to Botox queens to her upcoming movie ‘Rangoon’, take a look at her statements:

1. Award for “Best ‘Thank God they have famous parents or they’d be nowhere’ ?”
Ans: “Dude that’s mean! Hrithik Roshan. You know it’s true.

2. Best or worst ‘botox’ job in the industry
Ans: “Oh my God, that’s mean! I do all these characters of Haryanvi girls who are milking cows so I can’t possibly explain, justify botox on my face. Botox Award goes to – I think Rakhi has gone little overboard with her botox. But it disappears in a few months, so she’ll do better.”

3. On competing with star kids
Ans: “To begin with, I think people who come from the outside, they have a natural complex where they think of themselves less than others and they assume that the ones who are in the industry are maybe better or more privileged. I have an amazing perspective that God has gifted me with that I really believe in the universal law of equality. So, I don’t believe that they are any less but I don’t believe they are better than me in any way.”

4.) What was the weird situation you had to go through while shooting for films?
Ans: “That happens all the time. When you’re thrown out of your comfort zone, initially it’s intimidating. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a star or not a star,”

“It just depends on the kind of project that you choose. For example, for ‘Rangoon’, we were taken to these remote valleys of Arunachal Pradesh. There were literally no villages, nothing, not even restrooms.”
“I was peeing behind rocks, changing behind rocks. My own people would just cover me. Everyone was, so was Shahid Kapoor. There was nothing, so what do you do?”

Well well Kangana! We hope Hrithik doesn’t listen to this!