Jagga Jasoos Budget, Screen Count, Box Office Economics And Verdict

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif starrer Jagga Jasoos has finally hit the theatres today. It is has been in news for a long time because of various reasons, one of them is Ranbir and Katrina’s breakup. Initially slated for release in 2015, the movie has been delayed many times. It has finally been released today and Ranbir, Katrina’s fans would be hoping for a good opening. Despite being a delayed release, Jagga Jasoos has managed to create decent pre-release buzz. The makers have promoted the movie on a large scale in the last two months. Will the movie emerge as a hit at the box office? Let’s have a look at Jagga Jasoos budget, screen count, and box office analysis.

Jagga Jasoos Screen Count

As per official numbers shared by Taran Adarsh, Jagga Jasoos is releasing on 1800 screens in India. In overseas markets, the movie is releasing on 610+ screens. The makers have played it safe by not releasing the movie on a grand scale. Low screen count means higher occupancy.

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Jagga Jasoos Budget And Recovery

Jagga Jasoos is a delayed project. Initially, the movie was estimated to be made on budget of around 60 crores. Though no official announcement has been made by the makers, it is estimated that the final production cost of the movie is around 90 crores. The major portion of the film has been reshoot which has increased the budget.

The makers have also spent a lot of money on marketing and promotion. With 20 crores spent on P&A, the total budget of the movie is around 110 crores.

Budget: 110 crores (including P&A cost)
Music rights: 8 to 10 crores (estimated)
Satellite rights: 30 to 35 crores (estimated)
Digital rights: 8 to 10 crores (estimated)

There hasn’t been any report about the price on which the movie has been sold to distributors. Still, the movie needs to earn at least 150 crores to be in a safe zone for distributors. The budget of the movie is too high and it will be almost impossible for the distributors to recover the costs.

Jagga Jasoos Box Office Analysis (Considering The Budget Is 120 Crores)

Lifetime Collection < 100 crores (Flop)
Lifetime Collection > 120 crores (Average)
Lifetime Collection > 150 crores (Hit)
Lifetime Collection > 180 crores (Super Hit)
Lifetime Collection > 250 crores (Blockbuster)

Considering the current buzz, it looks impossible for the movie to cross 100 crores even with positive word of mouth. As per our prediction, the movie will open with decent numbers. It is expected to take a double-digit opening. Jagga Jasoos budget is very high for a niche film. It needs to an exceptional film to recover its cost and emerge as a winner at the box office.

What are your expectations from the movie? Do you think it will make it to the list of Ranbir Kapoor’s highest grossing movies?  Predict the opening day collection of Jagga Jasoos.


  1. After watching the movie audiences reaction is very cold , as a viewer the movie story is not up to mark for grand opening .It broke many expectation of the audiences too.


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