Huma Qureshi- Saqib Saleem in the official Indian remake of 'Oculus'!
Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem

The Hollywood horror flick ‘Oculus’ is going to be remade in Bollywood and real life siblings Huma Qureshi- Saqib Saleem will be featured in the lead roles in the official remake.

The shooting of the film has already started in London as Relativity Media, the studio which distributed the Hollywood film in the US, has already commissioned the Indian remake. The film will be directed by Prawal Raman, who is also working on his upcoming Randeep Hooda starer Main Aur Charles. The yet-untitled movie, like the original film released in 2013, focuses on the story of a brother-sister, who get separated at a young age due to an antique mirror. The Hollywood team of the movie is also working closely with the director from scripting to filming and post-production.

The brother-sister duo of Huma Qureshi- Saqib Saleem will be sharing screen space for the first time. According to Saqib, the relationship he shares with Huma in the film is very different from his real-life chemistry with her. He further adds, “I am excited to work with Huma. We kind of stay together, have coffee together, hang out together, talk all the time, but this is the first time we will be acting together.”

When asked about the remake, he said, “We have adapted the original movie and have made considerable changes. The script has the essence of ‘Oculus’ intact and yet there are a lot of new things. The film won’t be like a typical Bollywood horror movie. We are steering away from the template. It is more about the supernatural elements and not ghosts. The concept of the film is very novel and fresh and we don’t want to take away the core horror element by adding unnecessary bits.”

It will be really exciting to see how the film actually turns out. We have high expectations from them both!