Salman Khan shares screen with Jacqueline, Randeep and Nawazuddin for first time
Salman Khan shares screen with Jacqueline, Randeep and Nawazuddin for first time

As the countdown begins for the much awaited Salman Khan’s Eid 2014 release ‘Kick’ , we bring to you all about this flick!

Sajid Nadiadwala who has given hits with Salman earlier with ‘Jeet’,‘Judwaa’ and ‘Mujse Shaadi Karogi’ , has turned director for the first time with ‘Kick’.

“It has been a good experience till now as a director. I have worked with Salman as a producer for quite a few films. We are having a great time, the experience is amazing,” said Sajid.

The film is a multi-starer with Salman Khan in the lead, Jacqueline Fernandez as his love interest, Randeep Hooda as a cop and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a villain.

The screenplay of the movie is written by the well-known novelist Chetan Bhagat.

Salman’s character is called ‘Devil’ and he is seen doing mind blowing stunts like walking in front of the train and jumping from the window of 42nd floor building.

The Khan’s abandoning the cycle and walking casually in front of the train stunt has been voted as the most stylish action shot.

Salman Khan's train stunt in kick - Get Your Kick
Salman Khan’s train stunt in kick

The star cast looks very interesting as Salman-Jacqueline is a fresh on-screen couple and their chemistry have been doing the rounds of the gossip-mill lately.

Salman and jacqueline makes a good onscreen couple
Salman and jacqueline makes a good onscreen couple

After not so great performance of Jai Ho at Box Office, the actor is in full form to promote ‘Kick’ and the actor-director duo have come up with an interesting promotion strategy.

The trailer of ‘Kick’ was launched on 15th July 2014 , at the Gaitey Theatre, Bandra with his fans. The fans were so bowled over by the Khan’s stunts and dialogues that they insisted on playing the trailer thrice in loop. Sources confirm, “The fans couldn’t stop whistling and cheering especially at the scene where Bhai walks in front of the train. The response was thrilling and they asked for the trailer to be played twice again! Bhai was very excited with this response”


Soon after the trailer released on Youtube, fans have been flooding the social networking sites on how much they loved the trailer.

The trailer has managed 14.7 million views in just a month of its release.

Click here to watch Salman Khan’s ‘Kick’ Trailer !

After the grand trailer launch, the first song released from the movie ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ too was released with grandeur at an event in Mumbai.

The music composer of the movie is Salman’s loyal – Himesh Reshammiya. The song sung by Mika Singh was an instant hit. Mika-Salman combo seems to be excellent since ‘Dhinka Chika’ and ‘Desi Beat’ songs.

Salman Khan is seen biting the edge of Jacqueline’s skirt and doing quirky dance moves in his style in the ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ video. ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ has been declared as the most downloaded song of 2014 by a leading music website.

Click here to watch ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ by Mika Singh

But what caught the shutterbugs at the song launch event was the ‘closeness’ between the lead actors. Salman and Jacqueline were seen very comfortable which led the rumor bells ringing.

Now nothing seems to stop the actor from promoting his film. Khan released the next song from the movie ‘Hangover’ sung by himself along with Shreya Goshal. The song became much loved by the fans as their favorite actor croons to the romantic number. The sizzling hot chemistry unfolds again. Looks like this fresh pairing is definitely doing good for the film after the Salman-Daisy disaster.

Click here to watch ‘Hangover’ sung by Salman Khan

Salman and Jacqueline in Hanover Song - Get Your Kick
Salman and Jacqueline in Hanover Song

The director then announced that all the tracks of the movie will sung by Salman Khan apart from a song called ‘Yaar na Miley’ by Yo Yo Honey Singh. The song was unveiled by Salman Khan, Sajid Nadiadwala and Narghis Fakhri at Royalty Night Club Bandra.

The song stars Narghis Fakhri doing a special item number grooving to Honey Singh’s tunes. Narghis and Salman are seen dancing and giving the song an extra “Kick”.

Click here to watch ‘Yaar Na Miley’ by Yo Yo Honey Singh from Kick

However a lot of mishap happened at the song launch event. Apparently, the photographers were trying to get very close to Salman which didn’t go down well with the bouncers and security.

The photographers fought and blamed Salman Khan’s security for being rude. Looking at the commotion, Salman took the mike at the event and said,”Those who want can stay, rest can leave.”

This was a blow to the photographers and they announced a ban on photographing Salman till ‘Kick’ releases.Khan, however, cared less. He tweeted the next day of the song launch controversy:

Salman Khan reacts on Photography issue
Salman Khan reacts on Photography issue

However, the matter has been cleared now as the Khan has asked them to maintain distance and both the photographers and the actor seem to be cordial now.

Salman was also seen singing the next song from his film ‘Kick’ called “Tu Hi Tu” who’s video hasn’t been released yet. Salman himself has sung the second romantic song from the film.

Looking at the songs, seems like the music has got a big thumbs-up from the fans. All the songs are on Top 10 countdown on every channel.

So the hit Sajid-Salman duo, Fresh sizzling chemistry between the leads and hit music. What more could the film ask for ? But Salman has definitely gone out of the way to promote ‘Kick’.

On 19th July, Disney India launched the ‘Kick Game App’ with Salman and the team at an event in Mumbai.

“We (Sajid, me and the KICK team) wanted to create an interactive experience of our movie for the fans. The mobile game developed by Disney India is both exciting and easy to play which makes it fun and engaging,” Salman Khan said. 

The Kick Game App has been released for Windows and Android. For Apple, the game will be released along with the film.

The actor, also launched a new website as a job search engine for his fans who are unemployed. This may or may not be the part of film promotion , but the fans have hugely appreciated this gesture by Salman and trended #BeingHumanWorkshop for many days on Twitter. Seems like the actor has really won hearts of his fans.

The rumor is that Salman Khan’s best friend Aamir Khan’s Christmas 2014 release ‘PK’ will be released with ‘Kick’.  A source said, “Salman recently met Aamir and they decided that P.K.’s trailer will be out with Kick. Both films are backed by Disney”.

Another news is that, Salman might share his first onscreen kiss with Jacqueline in the movie. Salman has been known never to do intimate scenes onscreen.A source close to the team said: “Salman shares an intimate moment in the film with his love interest. It is very rare that you see Salman do this on screen.” 

It is still not clear if there will be a kiss. But this “rare intimate moment” is definitely worth waiting for.

The film is all set to release next Friday and the fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite actor set the screen on fire.